MB vs PB holds has MB got harder

  • MB vs PB holds I don’t hold any players for outright MB dividends but....

    Do MB holders think that with the European championship and qualifiers knocking out the big triple Media days ... it will have a knock on effect with the returns... and make Neymar and Pogba less attractive as they are expensive, I appreciate they get Pb’s but new scoring system could affect there numbers

    Plus VAR, and numerous players including the next big things scooping stories (until jan transfer)...

    Any thoughts

  • Won't affect Pogba all that much, when he's in the media it's usually a first place story and that is still paid out, all time he's 158 first places, 66 second places, 64 third places. It will affect others a bit more like Neymar as his first places aren't much above his second/thirds with 87, 82, 75.

    I hold majority premium players who are good for MB but overall it's good as more divindeds are paid out. On a treble MB day FI pay out 6p, on a double matchday as most of the euro qualifying days are 13p is paid out.

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