FI asking for customer due diligence

  • Got an email from FI asking for photo ID, psotal verification and source of funds. Couple questions & thanks in advance for answering if you've done this before, in what format do I send the info to FI and also how long does it take for them to process it and un-freeze my withdrawals?

  • It’s all there for good reasons and stop the sharks. But still a pain in the arse. Takes 24-48 hrs usually.

  • I just sent them a screenshot of the items they asked for and told them I am in full time employment and the funds for FI come from my salary.
    They sorted it out within the hour

  • @NewUser336689

    I did it last week.

    I sent the image as a screen shot to start with but they didn't like that... so converted it to a PDF.

    It took them a few days and withdrawing takes a few days too. Can take up to a week for both I think So just bare that in mind.

  • Once you send the documents via email, ring cs with the query number from the email and they’ll have you back up and running in a few minutes

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