Anyone else own Barella?

  • Have been quite surprised to hardly see him involved for Inter Milan so far during the season, any particular reason as to why?
    Let’s hope he starts for Italy tomorrow

  • @Andy Yep.
    Only 2 games into the season. Didn't start the first as arrived back late after U21 tournament but came on for an assist. Didn't start 2nd game only because it was against Cagliari who just sold him and still fresh.
    The guy is one of the future stars of Italy and Inter will have a great year this season.

  • Could be a tactical choice... Especially with sanchez joining. Playing 3cbs and wingback is set in stone... I'd imagine sanchez is going to play wide rather than a central strike partner for Lukaku... Which means there will be a central midfield pair... Barella not ideal for this as they will want more defensive cover. Brozovic is a shoe in, sensi is excellent and vecino is very reliable. Maybe even one of those gets dropped for a wide right attacker?

  • @gball1975 yeah I do realise it’s still early, was just wondering was there any reason behind it. I plan on holding until Euros next summer anyway.

  • @Vespasian32 yeah do agree with you with the midfield pair and wanting more defensive cover. Already a lot of competition for midfield spots in Inter - hopefully as their fixture schedule piles up with champs league etc... he’ll get a start

  • Only a matter of time before he takes the place of Vecino. They’re playing with 3 cm’s and 2 cf’s.

  • He'll start a lot this season, Inter really pushed to get Barella.
    In Inters last 2 games (or first 2 games) Barella came on for Vecino.
    Being an inter fan myself I am hoping Barella takes over from Vecino in the starting 11. Him with Sensi in the middle I believe is the plan and would be great for Italy moving ahead. But as always, just my opinion.

  • @gball1975 It’s one of the biggest certainties in sport that those two will be switching roles before long.

  • Got 300 in him and not concerned like a lot of players it’s a long season so there time will come not even 5 league games been played yet

  • @Timothee-Atouba said in Anyone else own Barella?:

    Only a matter of time before he takes the place of Vecino. They’re playing with 3 cm’s and 2 cf’s.

    At the moment... But sanchez different beast to martinez... Either they will shoe horn him in as a second striker... Or give him his natural wide position and alter the attack. At Chelsea Conte played a 523 with hazard/pedro/willian filling two wide attacking roles and Diego as lone striker. Wing backs holding width allowing hazard and willian to cut inside overloading the box. Barkley never got a look in and barella is similar ilk... Much more of an attacking cm that doesn't fit in a midfield two... Who did Conte play at Chelsea... Kante and bakayoko?

  • @Timothee-Atouba Couldn't agree more. I think all of the following points are important to note:

    1. Barella was their no 1 midfield target - he was their priority ahead of Sensi
    2. Sensi is only on loan with an option to buy.
    3. Barella has been ahead of Sensi for Italy in all the recent qualifiers.
    4. He is being eased in slower than Sensi as he missed far more of pre-season due to the Euro U21s - he rushed back from his break early to complete the move to Inter.

    I have no doubt that Barella will be a regular in that Inter midfield even if it becomes a 2 rather than a 3 and he will certainly be a regular in the Italian midfield at the Euros.

  • I have a small holding and am up a little. But expect him to do well with inter this year.

    Believe he'll be starting more sooner rather than later.

  • Inter will push Juve all the way this season I am sure of it (imo)

  • @Vespasian32 Generally Kante and Cesc with Hazard and Pedro/Willian tucked in behind the striker because Moses and Alonso provided such high width.
    I see 3cb’s, two high wb’s with Brozo and Sensi cm’s and Sanchez and Barella tucked in behind Lukaku. If that happened he would become more valuable. Has g&a’s in his locker at international level so is capable.

  • @Timothee-Atouba yeh this could be an option with barella as an auxhillary amc/amr because the width comes from candreva.

  • @Vespasian32 I think it’s likely once he and Sanchez settle in and if he produces g&a’s at club level he is an unbelievable trend fit with champs league(hopefully finish 3rd and have a real deep europa run) Euros at the end of the year and the fact he’s 22.

  • Actually, cancel the Europa league wish, I’m on Internazionale at 80/1 for the biggun!

  • I hold. Not worried at all.

    First game of season he didn't start (not surprising, managers don't often flood a team with new signings) but he came on and got an assist.

    Second game...inter didn't change it cause they won the first game 4-0 so why would you drop someone?

    The lad will play plenty and he will be a star. Vecino will be dropped at some point and I wouldn't be surprised if Brozovic leaves next summer for a better club.

  • A guy on Twitter has an interesting thread about Inter and their squad if anyone wants a look..

  • @Neil2265 yeah, few people have been mentioning him playing as an attacking midfielder. Could be interesting

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