Small Portfolio - Reasonably High Value

  • We have a few threads about port size and generally seems people have quite a lot of players with few shares and spread risk.

    Does anyone have a lot of money in a few players i.e. a £10k+ port with less than 10 players?

    My port is around £35k and whilst I've previously spoken about bloating and shrinking my port at different times of the year... im becoming less able to trade frequently - so thinking of reducing to about £30k in less than 10 players (messi, Pogba, Neymar, rashford and some youths that can get flipped but not daily/weekly...)

  • I've been winding my port down, but it is currently valued at £11k with 15 players.

  • @ocs123 planning to reduce further/deposit more? I already have 1500 Neymar for instance already worth nearly £11k - my plan for him has changed now hes staying at psg and I want to keep that large holding for divs. I was going to sell 500-1000 and use that money to buy about 20 pb plyers in batches of 300. 1000 Pogba, 1000 Rashford. Hopefully between those 3 that'll be a large chunk of MB over the year...if I add 1000 messi too then i'd be expecting around 50% of total MB on offer - quick calc (based on guesswork!) would be around £3500-4000 per year in divs which is a good 10% of port.

    guessing 80 days are treble MB so 6p on offer those days, 1p per day on the other 285 days. Using average hold as 1000 shares ignoring that I have 1500 Neymar.


  • Been thinking the same deposited 15k so definitely not putting anymore in but have about 38 players would definitely like to bring that down my half and then add more shares to existing players

  • as a high level plan (which I never stick too rigidly to) this is my current thought process

    if im able to sell my non-holds for the lower price target ill have £14k to spend... 1000 messi and 1000 almada will cost around half of that. So I could maybe do 2000 Almada for instance or withdraw some money.


    leaving me a port of;

    1500 Neymar
    1000 Pogba
    1000 Rashford
    1000 Messi
    1000 Guilherme
    1000 Almada

    And to then appease my appetite for quick flips id just ad hoc plough some money in on someone, sell and withdraw etc.

  • @Vespasian32

    Match day MB is 2p per day, not 1p per day. Maybe being a touch optimistic with % of MB wins in a year with the Euro's next summer? Ballsy move to go big with fewer players but as you say they should guarantee dividends and need less supervision.

    I have a 25k portfolio, 48 players (cutting back from 67 with more to go) and 75% of portfolio is high returns, low maintenance.

  • @Martyn-B good point well made.. we will offset the difference then if my estimate was generous but the value was underpriced... I also didn't include any PB divs, and took just 1000 shares when in reality Neymar would be #1 and I have 1500 - so still ok to assume a bracket of around £3500+ in terms of divs earned as a conservative estimate.

    id also be taking around £7k out so my port value would be under £30k so as an ROI the divs would be easily 10%+

    I wouldn't be ignoring cap ap or ipd - id just do that on a week I know I can monitor it and ill still have cash in the bank to exploit any kind of deposit bonus etc - so its not a complete hands off long term port.

  • @Vespasian32

    Can't argue against your strategy, predictions or returns!! I want to be more hands free as my priorities in life are 3 holidays a year and I also know my work gets hectic in November and December so that is 4 times a year I cannot spend any/much time on here. Good luck!!

  • @Martyn-B u have mentioned a zero hour contract in the past, and you're now saying you're hectic in nov/dec.

    Are you a santa impersonator lol

  • @MickTurbo said in Small Portfolio - Reasonably High Value:

    @Martyn-B u have mentioned a zero hour contract in the past, and you're now saying you're hectic in nov/dec.

    Are you a santa impersonator lol

    Close!! Mail sorter at Royal Mail. Very quite at the moment, as much work as I want before Christmas.

  • @Martyn-B well see that the big man gets my letter. I want 1000 pogbas and a divs increase, much obliged

  • @MickTurbo said in Small Portfolio - Reasonably High Value:

    @Martyn-B well see that the big man gets my letter. I want 1000 pogbas and a divs increase, much obliged

    Well have you been a good boy? No more hot tub shenanigans and play nicely with all the children on the forum and I will see what I can do 😋

  • Haha ram ya pogbas, my hot tub shenanigans shall never cease

    Had my first little forum argument the other day, I normally behave

  • @MickTurbo …. go on....what was the topic???

  • @MickTurbo you haven't lived until you've had an online argument. who was it; dan, pagey or mr white?

  • @Vespasian32 Mr white mate lol. Needless to say I was wrong haha

    @gball1975 hard to really put my finger on it, you could maybe put it down to semantics but I'm just not sure

  • Damn. I just need Mr White for the full set...

  • @MickTurbo said in Small Portfolio - Reasonably High Value:

    Mr white mate lol. Needless to say I was wrong haha

    you got maths'd bruv.

    E: fwiw im having a jibe and mentioning names... but I think the forum is better off for a good mix of characters and I love the odd volatile debate.

  • @Vespasian32 I'm currently looking at how i can adjust my port in future to be low maintenance, with a regular stream of dividends coming in to essentially cover some of my monthly expenses. Looking to keep 15-20 players with a main focus on MB and just sit and ride the waves of the different trends and collect my drip feed of divs most days. I would probably leave about 20% of my funds for shorter term holds/flips, but i think in general i want to stay away from the short-term trading culture longer term - i can't cope with the stress!

  • @Wotabeast my feelings about long term pb holds... it is a good strategy, but managing too many long term holds is a ball ache, and pb is less predictable and less frequent than MB - and too many players have a chance at PB. I also used to work at home a lot more - so wife was more forgiving about me watching a bit of footy at the wkend - so I could keep up with bookings, injuries, live pb scores, jump on goalscorers etc... I cant do that now so I don't want to hold too many ipd/pb players with the short term up and down nature. I can leave Neymar as a long hold... he might be down £1 or up £1 at any given time... that doesn't matter, the divs will keep rolling in.

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