new with ipo's and need to ask a question

  • belfodil 91 p 1.05 now
    Goncalo Paciencia 1.02 1.20 now
    verschaeren 1.31 1.42 now
    Todd Cantwell 1.66 1.77 now
    inhattaren 1.92 2.16 now
    Almada 1.74 1.87 now
    Happy with the profits i would have made if they do sell but does anyone think any of these are worth holding long term or even short term as dont know much about the players. thoughts guys just stuck

  • @Jdog I'd say almada and verschaeren. Not sure about the rest and at least 1 hugely over priced.

  • Maybe do a bit of research on the players pal 👍🏻

  • @MickTurbo Which one is massively overpriced?

  • agree Almada seems to be the one everyone talks about...

    just me opinion but i can see inhattaren dropping gradually, also Palencia has alot of competition so may be up and down

  • @Pagey74 Cantwell for me. Bonkers price at IPO and up about 26% from there

  • @MickTurbo Phewf. I'm glad you said him. I'm obviously learning well.

  • @Pagey74 he might prove me wrong yet but if I held at that price I'd be out

  • @MickTurbo said in new with ipo's and need to ask a question:

    @Pagey74 he might prove me wrong yet but if I held at that price I'd be out

    Snap! I think he's had a decent start to the season but when you compare him with others it's a crazy price (IMO)

  • At least with Cantwell he's English and playing in a PB league. He's got half a chance of justifying his price. Theres a guy in those 6 mentioned done hardly anything for a first team not even in a PB league. But for a decent YouTube highlight reel and a big club transfer rumour his price is a real headscratcher.

  • @Dalien-Smith think he is a safe bet personally and come Jan hes off...we hope.

  • @Dalien-Smith Are you referring to Almada? The fella that doesn’t get in the Velez team?

  • Yes Almada. For me it's too much time and energy reading Argentinian media to make sure he doesn't sign a 5 year contract with Velez or a bigger Argentine club. Alot of his price is built into European rumours. Regular followers of South American football see these rumours fizzle out with some regularity. I've heard no concrete interest. Seems a total punt to me.

  • City were definitely interested in the last window and with the contract starting to run down no doubt there be back. I paid more than what he is now but come jan If the rumours start again the rocket is gonna be a big 1. Just my opinion of course so each to there own

  • There will be speculation. No doubt. His contract is expiring. You'd expect a resolution by January. For that reason it maybe worth the ride but 3 months is nearly half a season. If Manchester City really rated him they'd have him now. They can buy anyone. The fact they haven't is because they see him as one for the future. Loaned out to Girona at best like several other starlets.

  • Rodrygo is the same age, was practically the best player in the Brazilian league and can’t make a Real Madrid squad.

  • @Timothee-Atouba and he is currently £2.40. If this kid moves across and sits @ £2.40 to sit on the bench then I'll take that profit thanks.

  • At 3:43 in this video I was thinking... "only one negative, too one-footed" then when I seen him dribble, pass and cross with his left foot I realized he is a huge talent. Great potential with this guy. Obviously everythings a gamble but If he goes to a PB league then it's double your money time judging by some other players prices.

  • The best comparison of where Almada is now I look to fellow Argentine wonderkid Augustin Almendra. Around this time last year this kid was linked to Manchester City, Tottenham, Juventus. His price is 67p now. Needless to say the rumours never amounted to anything and the price Plummeted. He's still a decent player and getting first team football for the biggest club in Argentina mind but that is the point. He's still playing in Argentina. Folk don't throw money at Argentine league players. Well at least until yesterday anyway.

    To be honest if anyone is double your money I'd bet Almendra makes £1.30 before Almada makes £3.70.

  • @Timothee-Atouba He's played for full Brazil team as well. Nothing is a given.

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