Off Topic - Last Man (or women) Standing Community Idea

  • Do this with my friends and its good fun. I’m in.

  • @Keegans-Bluff trying to find out how much of the fund is taken by Frontrunner - can't find it anywhere - you got any ideas?

    I have found another app that does the same thing too which doesn't take any admins costs, last winner took at pot of over £8k!!!!!!

  • @Milnerman not sure, I'm sure it will say on there somewhere - further details links at bottom of homepage.

  • @Keegans-Bluff chatted to them.

    15% they take.....also noticed there is already one that has been started and only 4 people left in - called @Buzzing & @Figuide Charity Comp.

    Not a bad slice of cash they make from it, doesn't seem a very busy site though - looks quite good and obviously all automated, but would rather that 15% be in someone's pocket though.

  • @Milnerman yeah that was where I heard of it, through FIG. 15% is a fair chunk - sounds like the other one you found mat be more competitive.

  • im in.......

  • Seems interesting im in

  • That's 4, i'd love to have a blast but obviously can't as I get to see all the picks.

    Shall we say its a fiver to enter? I have a paypal account, I will also set up a whatsapp or messanger group chat for it and will send those that sign up my personall address and phone number so you have details of who runs off with all your money (not that I would, but the nets full of scammers).

    If not a fiver, how much.....also its winner takes all and no % cut for myself, meaning 100% of the pot goes to one person.

  • Further to the above, I'd suggest if we are to give this a tickle we start with the matches on Friday the 13th of Sept, which would mean entry fee and first picks deadline being 20:00hrs GMT Thursday the 12th of Sept.

    What we think?

  • I'd be interested in playing for a fiver

  • Go on then, I'm in...

  • Right, so we don't clog this forum up - apart from the odd bump to get more people involved, I have created a facebook group - Lastman Standing - Bazza.

    Its a closed group, so you will have to apply to join, i'm assuming and hoping everyone has facebook, if not, private message me and I will screenshot what I have written there.

    If everyone who has expressed an interest joins then we will have a massive number of 6, £30 to the winner lol.

    So come on gang, a fiver in, 100% to a single winner.

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