Advice for a lower end new investor

  • So I took advantage of the money back offer and had a play around last month, lost loads and got it all back to start again.

    This time round I decided to have some sort of strategy and having read a few of the blogs decided on a plan to some long term investing which seems to be paying off; port is up 4% and steady. Also got lucky with the IPO as I happened to be up at 5am for work so grabs the 2 I wanted and could afford Rayan Ait Nouri and Alex Nubel.

    I took the advice to spread my investment to give me some security (I have shares in 30 odd players) and I think I’ll see steady growth over the next 18 months which is my plan; not investing loads currently sub £500 and aim to invest a modest £100 a month for the next 18 topping up o those I have or the odd new player within my price range.

    My question however after the initial 30 days in game divs my players are unlikely to earn any media or match day divs so what do similar investors do? Not worry about regular returns and just hold for selling at a profit (hopefully) later down the line or buy short term investments for the 30 day divs?

  • @NewUser405386 depending on the players you have invested where do you see them in a year's time? Or 3 years time? After 30 days there won't be any in play dividend eligibility but you could still win match day or media dividends (top 200 only at the moment) but will open up in the near future to all players. If however you feel you want IPD either buy more of the same if you believe in them or sell (hopefully at a profit). It really depends on the reasoning why you bought these players in the first place. I have a mixture of players for different length of time holding them.

  • @C-Money
    Mainly purchased under 24’s from the french and German league who I feel are likely to get potential moves to bigger clubs in the next year or are already in teams in European competitions this year.

    Got a couple of English players out on loan like jonjoe Kenny in those leagues hoping they have a good season and increase when they return to parent clubs.

    And a couple of players in minor leagues with a reasonable chance of a big money move at some point.

    Finally I have a handful of shares in players like Alcacer, Lewandowski and muller (biggest mistake so far) for 30 day divs; I guess what I’m trying to gauge is it worth having a pot of cash I use for those type of players to make divs or is the risk v rewards not worth it?

  • @NewUser405386 you definitely need dividend earners. The problem is at the moment you are just going for PB winners. PB can be a bit of a lottery unless it's a single game day. As you can see from today's buys torino has a few single game days so people are buying into them now. Sometimes it's worth going for media players as well as performance players. Yes they will be expensive but they are expensive for a reason. So if funds are there go for them now as they will only rocket in the future. Players in the German and French leagues are great. I would hold long term for now. Forget the short game. Think of IPD as a bonus for 30 days. If you grasp football index a bit more dwell into short game trading but it's taken me a while to work it out. When I started IPDs didn't exist.

  • @C-Money thanks for the advice I’ll see what I have to invest next pay day and research a media dig player or two to get me started

  • @NewUser405386

    Honest advice here fella. Forget MB mate if you have a budget of £500, the usual MB winners will cost you £3 and beyond.

  • @DavidMUFC1987 that advice makes no sense. The % return on MB is the same no matter how many shares you buy???

  • @Luke
    Of course percentages are the same. If you have a budget of £500 would you buy MB players??? Come on give the guy honest and helpful advice.

    I certainly wouldn’t, I’d be aiming at low end players, undervalued players, PB and IPD (Capital Appreciation) in order to help his portfolio grow. Complete and utter waste of time buying MB players, sounds like he’s doing well and he hasn’t bought into any MB players what so ever so why buy even more expensive players that take up a large proportion of his budget 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • @DavidMUFC1987 if he's going to chuck £100 a month for the next 18 months he can definitely buy some MB players. A balanced portfolio of MB and PB players is the way forwards. He also asked about what to do with 30 day IPD after the 30 days are up. And it really depends on his reasoning in the first place. Hes already been burned short term and now he's thinking more long term. In my eyes MB players will give you a constant flow of cash if you buy the right players of course.

  • @C-Money
    My argument is other than Neymar & Pogba who offer regular enough MB returns! Messi & Ronaldo have their spells but their age is a factor and they will depreciate every year that goes by on the index and he mentioned he’s interested in long term holds. MB is important but it’s not the be and end all of the index, you can make money without holding the big boys.

  • @C-Money which players would you be looking at for Mb?

  • @DavidMUFC1987 agree with david on this. The beauty of holding MB winners is having enough shares to build a weekly/monthly cash balance that enables you to reinvest without constantly adding new deposits.

    Yes the % is the same whether you buy 1 or 1000... but the cash isn't. And if you have 5 Neymar, you will need to win 3 treble media days just to reinvest into 1 share in a worthwhile player.

    I think the strategy in place is correct - cheaper players for ipd… once 30 days is up, sell them the day before their next match - then on sunday/Monday buy the next batch of IPD players, in their dip, that have good fixtures for the next 30 days. Rinse and repeat.

    When the £500 plus future deposits is over £1k that's when to attack multiple revenue streams... still maybe not Neymar/Pogba... but can get some rashford/kane/sterling/salah and return a little pb and mb.

    Good luck.

  • Remember MB is being opened up to the squad soon, could upset a few apple carts.

  • That’s all food for thought; I was thinking of picking up a modest number of Eriksen thinking he’ll be talked about again come the run up to the Jan window and he will move by this time next year so possibly a decent rise to then sell.

    But keep with the 30 day ipd flipping to try and increase my funds to play with; on that note if I have shares in a player and the 30 days ends if I buy more do I get the 30 days on those shares or do I have to sell all my holding and reinvest?

    Sorry for all questions it a steep learning curve and it’s real cash being used so like to double check

  • @NewUser405386 said in Advice for a lower end new investor:

    on that note if I have shares in a player and the 30 days ends if I buy more do I get the 30 days on those shares or do I have to sell all my holding and reinvest?

    yes, every share has its own expiry date. Buy 50 on 1/9/19 those 50 expire after 30 days, buy 5 on 10/9/19 they expire in 30 days. so on so forth.

  • @NewUser405386

    Erikson would be talked about during January but only this week he’s been pumped, I wouldn’t be jumping on him now but maybe closer towards the end of November.
    Another strategy I use is injured players returning within 2-8 weeks, not a pump just an easy example, Kyle Walkers Peters, reached a high of £1.25, has an hamstring injury. He had an impressive start to the season and his PB scores were not to shabby. Once back fit (possibly after the international break) he’ll return you 15-20% rise then I’d sell and move on to the next one, gradually always increasing your portfolio.

  • @Vespasian32 that’s great to know I was worried I’d have to sell and re-buy.

  • @DavidMUFC1987 you can definitely make money without holding the big boys if you know what you are doing. The guys new and he is learning the hard way and fair play to him to continue. It will take him time to learn how to flip. It's easy to buy we all know this but when to sell that's a bit harder. For IPD flips he going to need a big batch of players to keep rinsing and repeating and it depends if people have time for that. If you are active perfect definitely give it a go but if you want to sit back and wait MB players are still good to go. Yes you will have to pay a premium but if he is willing to invest more money as he said he is over 18 months you can buy MB but someone did say as I read if it opens up to all players( which it hasn't yet) that could change things. Most of the big boys will still win it but there will be a few spanner in the works for sure.

  • @C-Money
    No one wins MB regular enough other than Neymar and Pogba to make it viable. I’d say you would need at least 100 in each to make it worthwhile. You keep going on about MB, he has £100 a month to invest so if you had £100 a month to invest what MB players would you buy??

  • @DavidMUFC1987 I would definitely buy one of if not both of pogba or neymar for constant stream of dividends because in my eyes they are at a reduced price as everyone's thinking is the same they are too expensive. If you think long term they won't be if they suggest a dividend increase or if they score a ridiculous goal etc... They will win MB for 2-3 days in a row depending on the headline and bring capital appreciation. At the moment that cap app isn't happening but less likely to get burned than flipping. Just my opinion. It's probably my 3rs post regarding to MB mostly responding to other posts so not 'going on about it' just giving a guy a different perspective. Plenty of different strategies which I respect and I'm not saying this way is the only way

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