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  • What's the longest you've been in it? Is there a way to...
    A. See how many futures are being bought per hour
    B. see my position in the queue

  • A. - Yes. Sit and watch the activity ticker VERY closely. (not recommended)

    B. Nope. The only way you ever know your position in the queue is when your player starts to sell from your portfolio. Then you're #1 in the queue. Other than that you're either 2nd in the queue, or further back.

  • This would be a really useful feature. I am really struggling to sell the majority of my players on the sell list.

  • @Scouting-Squad How long have they been on the list, and are those players going down in price? If they are going down in price, more people are ISing or listing than are buying, so it will take a while for you to get to the front of the queue, especially if their price was already on the slide by the time you listed.

    If a player is on the up then usually the queue shifts pretty quickly, as obviously you need people buying a player for the sell queue to move.

  • @Scouting-Squad

    The market is fairly flat at the moment, so unless your players are particularly in demand, you're likely to have a long wait.

    Who are you trying to sell out of interest?

  • @Millonarios the fact is, FI don't want you to know how long the list is because they want you to panic and instant sell. If you knew you were second in the list you'd wait. If you're second on the list and dont know you're second on the list you're far more likely to think sod it, I'll instant sell instead. They are a business and they want as much of your money as possible.

  • @ocs123 Alphonso Davies, Amadou Haidara, Dan-Axel Zagadou, Reece Oxford, Samuel Kalu, Moise Kean, Dani Olmo. Trying to have a bit of a clear out as I have a slight change of strategy for the next two months.

  • @Wotabeast They vary but the majority are either dropping or quite static in price. Will have to be patient I guess.

  • I have a player at the front of the sell queue ( I know because some shares sold yesterday ) however when I checked my port this morning the same player went up 1p without anymore of my shares being sold.
    Has anyone else seen this happen before, because it doesn’t make sense?

  • People behind you in the sell queue unlisting, surely? @Gregolocky

  • Banned

    @Stevo This is totally untrue tbh.

  • @LukeMalla Jesus I’m slow 😂, makes total sense now. Thanks 👍🏻

  • @MrWh1te how is it? Of course they want tou to buy and sell as much as possible so they make money.

  • @Gregolocky chalk it upto a cloudy Saturday morning brain fart bud. We've all had them 😂

  • Banned

    No they don't. The more people IS, the more people lose. The more people lose, the more people leave. And the more people leave, the less profit they make.

    In addition, when people IS, it is fi who have to pay out to buy those shares back.

    For a site like FI to survive, they need most of the sales to go to market (hence why they make the spread bigger, to try and stop people is'ing).

    In an ideal world for FI, most people would either win or break even. And the more people IS, the less chance there is of that happening.

  • Can't say I've ever used IS but would if I needed to get funds out of a player quickly. However, I begrudge the principle of selling for less than something is worth; it's my profit and I want it all! Selling to market time varies massively. Most of mine have gone within a few hours and virtually all within a day. Only long delay I had was with Christian Kouame who took over a week to go and strongly tested my patience! On a digression, can't see how IS is good for FI either; their 2% commission is on a lower figure and they fund the buy back, so they're actually 98% down. Surely 2% on a higher figure with no cost to them is better.

  • @MrWh1te

    Whenever the market stagnates for any length of time FI usually launch a promotion to help move it along; next week is their 4th Anniversary (last year they had a deposit bonus in way of celebration) just saying most users who are aware of these facts might assuming holding back any new investment until next week is the logical choice. I fully expect a birthday announcement over the next couple of weeks but can only speculate on it's content, perhaps they were testing the effectiveness of the £10k drop & if it wasn't punchy enough for them might look to other forms of stimulus.

    Longest I was patient enough to have a player in the sell queue was 5 weeks & then I relented & ISed as he was at the front the whole time, a few having sold, but refused to sell any further & the sum involved was only small but as a strategy I always aim to market sell unless I think a serious price drop (equivalent to the spread or larger) is a high risk.

  • The sell queue can be really slow for some players if you time it badly. Really important (albeit hard) to list as your player approaches a peak, otherwise you can be stuck for some time.

    I’ve had Bernardo Silva listed for nearly two weeks and not shifted one yet. Still up 25% but he peaked at a 35% profit for me.

    Also had Ross Barkley listed since the start of the Kosovo game (five days) and not sold yet. Still up 39% but peaked at nearly 80% profit!

    Not complaining, just trying to show the importance of listing at the right time if (like me) you’re allergic to IS.

  • @Coleyscrooge that is an important point. I very rarely sell when a player is dropping in price, unless there is a valid reason for the drop that is going to mean a fairly long term decrease in value. That is why the sell queue works for me, as I tend to wait for the price to reach my target before listing, so by the nature of that strategy, people are buying when I choose to sell (how many are buying will depend upon how well I have judged the peak!) Obviously it also takes longer to shift a big holding, but at least you know you are at the front of the queue when they start to go.

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