Mijat Gacinovic (48p) Eintracht Frankfurt

  • Anyone know if he’s back from injury? He’s still in Serbia’s squad so I assume he’s back fit? Quite excited about Gacinovic with Europa League football on the horizon for Frankfurt, hopefully he can pop up with a goal or three from attacking midfield.

  • Came off the bench twice in last two games so nearly back to fitness. I really like him, however stats don't back up my feelings, but 7 assists in 14 games in Europe are not to be sniffed at.

    Also Frankfurt buy players cheap and sell them at profit, so here's hoping

  • I own 200 (bought at 51p), hoping for a decent run in the team either in the league or in europe. Don't see his price dropping much further if he's still in and around the Serbia team.
    Lot of potential for a 50% rise I think if he starts playing well.

  • @Moukoko thanks, would be brilliant if he’s named in Serbia’s Euros squad as well (if they qualify). Also good they’ve got the Arsenal Europa League tie to generate the English interest.

  • yeah think i'm going to get some of him - if he gets game time in the europe league games against arsenal and plays well - then english interest should help his price move up

  • Just bought in, thanks for bringing him to my attention. Ticks a lot of boxes. Young, playing in a team in Europe, Attacking midfield, Potential to play in Euro's and Frankfurt like to sell. Just needs game time now.

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