• Anyone who is thinking of cashing-in on their 'Neymar' futures needs to have a re-think about his potential future demand....

    Once the season starts there is no doubt that he will be one of the stars over the next 3 months and his demand will be greater than ever (which relates to my previous post regarding the £6 mark players) and once he starts scoring goals and providing assists then the growth will start....just look at his stats for Barcelona !!

  • Hi,

    I'm pretty new to FI, I always see that as soon as a deal is complete the players price drops... I assume people sell because the player won't be in the media as much now.

    So when it comes to cashing in, does is depend on the quality of player?

    For example,
    Neymar signs for PSG, BUT will still feature in the media and also has future PB wins within him so its good to keep him..


    Matic signs for Man Utd, might as well cash in on him while he's high priced as he probably won't win many PB's or feature in the media much

    Is that right?

  • are on the right line, i think that a lot of people cash-out as soon as a deal is done and try and make as much of a profit as possible on a player but then the next question is do you transfer the money in your bank account or do you re-invest on another player and start the process all over again !!

    Now that the football season is starting soon it requires a lot of clever investing because if you are willing to spend some money and invest in the right players then you could end up getting a decent PB dividend every day !! (as an example if you had 200 futures in Morata and Suarez @ £4.00 per future, costing a total of £1,600 and the top Buzz dividend return is 5p per future then that is £10 return every day one of them is top of the Buzz, so potentially that could be £10 x 30 days = £300 on a £1,600 investment, that's about 18.5% return).

    Sorry to bore you with the maths but that's the big picture !!!

  • World's most expensive player will always have media coverage.
    Add that to a world class striker who wants the ballon d'or in a team who will romp the league and do well in the CL, meaning win and goal points in PB.
    Plus being Brazil's main man for the World Cup.
    Not to mention a strong instand buy for anyone signing up to FI, and will also be subject to top 10 tracker purchases.

    Absolutely no need to sell.
    I, for one, will be doubling my holding as soon as PB is confirmed. No matter the price.

  • Hi chaps, thanks for the replies and advice. All very good stuff to know :D

    @NewUser41151 It's good to know the maths behind everything otherwise it's more like just 'hope' that you get a return rather than planning ahead and keeping track of progress :D

  • Neymar may take a dive now his transfer is confirmed, but watch his price on Saturday around the time/ pre- match.

    Personally would buy more when his value drops a bit as @CleanShirtTrader says.

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