Negative return.

  • Fairly new to the index.

    Got a few players in my portfolio that are in the minus.

    Is it best to hang on and hope they increase, or sell up incase of a further decline?

  • @NewUser416936 Players always fluctuating every second of the day. Do not think just because they’re down now doesn’t mean they will be in an hour or 2. Just ride it out and keep tabs on the players. If you believe in that player especially. IT WILL RISE!

  • I suppose it depends on the player.

    Also, looking into the reason you bought them and whether those reasons still stand should provide an answer.

    For instance, if I bought jonny longbottom because he was nailed on for a move to arsenal, if he didn't get the move and was stuck at Hartlepool aged 28, you should probably get rid.

    However if spanky Patterson is 19, scored 60 goals for the youth team and I thought he would be a starter for Napoli, but he's been benched 3 times this season, probably keep him for long term cap app

  • @Moukoko Is Spanky Patterson’s Italian name Gianluca Gaetano by any chance?

  • @NewUser416936 depends on the player and why they are falling in price. If its an injury then typically they rise fairly quickly back their price - and its whether you can make that money work better for you on another player than wait for the gradual return to fitness (and price).

    If you bought someone like Dybala for a summer move... again, in all likelihood youl get another rise in Jan and next summer... do you want to wait that long with money tied up? Can you sell and buy someone who is going to make a lot more money in the interim?

    If you bought a player and they have transferred to a non-pb league and they are 33 … chances are you will never make money back and will keep losing money until you get rid of them.

    If you've signed up and bought the likes of Rashford and Pogba.. then id recommend you hold. Their price is form based … a couple of goals... or a dividend win will see a significant rise.

  • If you bought them at a price you consider to be fair, and their circumstances haven't changed drastically, then these are the players I would hold and top up when funds are available.

  • Check the player graphs, look at the spike, google the player for news around that time.

  • @Timothee-Atouba it is what you make of it. For me spanky Patterson is my drunken alter egos name

  • As pretty much everyone else has stated it depends on the player and why you bought them. The market has been a little crazy lately with the odd spike but most people are dropping a little bit.

    Assuming you had valid reasons as to why you bought them, if they are still valid, then hold on. As @Tom77 said, have a look at the player graphs for 3 month, 6 month, 1 year etc and you'll be able to see if you've just bought at wrong time (all time high) or if price is just a bit volatile at the minute with new season starting, and IPO's being released earlier in the week.

    You'll hear this often but it's a 3 year hold and not everthing/everyone is in and out looking to make a quick flip, it's not the hokey cokey after all

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