Injury recommendations?

  • Mattia Caldara - 39p - AC Milan

    He was the man who was involved in a swap deal with Bonucci. Paulo Maldini rates him highly. He’s had an injury nightmare but he’s due back for first team training next month. Still only 25.

  • Asensio. Out most of the season but on track to return in Feb/March and if he plays well could make a late bid for inclusion in Spain's Euro 2020 squad. Talent-wise, in the post Xavi / Iniesta era, he's their best midfielder.

  • Down in the budget end of the market.

    Lars Stindl 32p

    I've probably pumped this fella before but I'm pretty confident there's profit in this one.

    Two bad injuries more or less ruined last season for him. As a consequence he probably missed the general rise in the market. Even so, his peak price was 48p last season.

    He's a creative forward with some decent stats in past seasons.

    Gladbach captain and picked up some caps for Germany before the injuries. He has managed a PB win in the past and he might be one to benefit from the new matrix. But it's probably a bit of a stretch to try to sell him as a PB contender. But his is priced very nicely for a G&A player to be flipped on the back of a good performance.

    Due back november. As ever do your own research.

  • Timothy Castagne currently at 59p, wing back for Atlanta and should be looking for a spot in the Belgium team for the Euros. His 1 year graph suggests he'll see steady growth once back playing regularly, especially with UCL football too. Chips in with the odd assist and goal as well, expected back in the next couple of weeks. Hasn't seen any growth for 3 months but am confident he will soon enough

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