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  • Took the bull by it’s horns few weeks ago when rumours were flying about Robben linking him with a couple of sides and invested few pounds at 0.19 (always loved the guy). Obvs he didn’t go anywhere but now the instant sell is £0.00 when I try to do this it comes up celebrity is not tradable? Any help in solving or how to move him from the port. Cheers lads

  • @Ash91 Unfortunately in this case I think you're just stuck with him in your port now. I'm assuming you knew full well there was a large risk of that just being talk, and he was 99% retiring?

  • @Ash91 if you csnt instant sell I'd say you'll either have to put him on the market and just hope he says again he may come out of retirement or you may have to contact customer services to ask them to remove from your port.

  • @Andy yeah of course it’s not money I’m missing in any way at all it’s just more annoying I can’t shift him or know how to do it haha.. I was fully aware it was rumours but I think he could still do a job somewhere. Cheers

  • Retirement
    When a footballer retires or passes away we will remove that footballer the day after the footballer retires or passes away from the Top 200 and/or the Squad Players. Your Bets will lapse, and you will not be able to place any further Bets on that footballer.

    They broke their own rules then.

  • @speedloafer I think it probably comes down to the lack of resource and this is possibly considered a low priority to them. Especially that it may not be 100% definite he has retired yet. He should maybe stay on the index but just not let anyone buy him just incase he has a change of heart.

  • @Stevo It can't be hard or time consuming to delete a player, please don't start making excuses for the multi million pound company who cant follow their own simple rules. He officially announced his retirement on 4th of July. Any bets taken after the 5th should be void and refunded.

  • @speedloafer well the fact they don't pay out the dividends on time suggests they don't have enough staff.

    I'm not making an excuse. I'm suggesting why they may not have deleted him. Maybe people should try googling a players name and spending 2 minutes reading an article or 2 before spending their hard earned cash and then moaning.

  • @Stevo I'm not disagreeing with that, I told another poster after he said he bought Fernando Torres that maybe this place wasn't for him, but FI shouldn't be letting you bet on a non runner and its in their rules.

  • Tbh honest they shouldn't remove him this soon. There's a small chance of mb

  • @Moukoko

    No there isn't. Robben not in Top 200.

  • @TheSleepingGiant oh of course-they never rolled it out, did they?!

  • Think you are stuck mate. People could still sell to market but I think they stopped that. Maybe try the support people and ask for money back as even though you took a gamble they breached their rules as mentioned already

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