Average purchase price changing when you sell

  • Have they fixed the problem where when you sell the average purchase price of your shares change?
    I know it doesnt affect the value of your port but its just annoying.

  • My understanding was that they sold the oldest shares first so if they were bought at a significantly lower or higher price, then when they were gone, the average buy price of you're remaining shares would rise/fall accordingly.

    IE, not a problem but an accurate reflection of the average buy price of the shares left in your port. Ya knaa what I mean

  • Not sure it's a problem as such, just a mathematical adjustment. The oldest shares sell first, so the average purchase price of your remaining shares adjusts accordingly.

  • Yeh it's working correct. Oldest shares sell first... The average price recalculates all the time based on your current shares. So sell some old ones that were cheap... Ur average price paid goes up and visa versa.

    But as you say... Overall matters not a jot what those figures are showing.

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