French Portfolio August Review - Player Stats, Financials, Ins and Outs

  • Morning all, how has trading been. A little overdue but here is the first monthly review of the French Portfolio's performance during what had been quite an up and down month for most. The French boys were not immune! Come and see how it went!

  • @FIGenesis nordi mukiele man, what a beast! My only slight concern is whether he'll be the man who loses out when upamecano returns? What you think?

    Also, 2 words......... lys mousset 🤣

    Other than that, another great article. Like it.

  • I read the initial blog and post and used it to assist some of my first investments most of which have paid off so far; so thanks for that.

    What were your views on the IPO lad Rayan Ait Nouri? I grabbed a modest amount of him just wondering if that was a good move.

  • @Stevo ha! Cheers bud. I think Mukiele May lose out when Upamecano comes back. In his favour he also plays right back. Add to that Upamecano almost certainly leaves this summer which should open the door for Mukiele once again...

    I’m now watching out for Mousset..😂

  • @Sav2000 hey bud. Glad to have helped. Which players did you go for from the initial post??

    On Ait Nouri. He’s really talented and has played very well so far this season. He should play most weeks now and will be one to watch for a big move in a year or two. I bought 150 to start with!

  • @FIGenesis just grabbed small amounts of the below and top up as I have more cash; also monitoring a few others if they get an injury like Laporte I’ll jump on them in the hope they go back up once back playing.

    Hugo Lloris
    Teji Savanier
    William Saliba
    Flavian tait
    Albin lafont
    Benjamin Lecomte
    Paul Bernsrdoni
    Marcus Thuram
    Kenny lala
    Rayan Ait Nouri

  • Good read.

    Nothing on Ibrahima Konate, what are your thoughts on him?

  • This post is deleted!

  • What are your thoughts on Marcus Thuram? I am currently -22p a future.

  • @FIGenesis
    Com si com sa!!!!! Good I'm glad yours is up and down to be honest....

    As you know what your doing 👍, if it happens to you then I feel better as it happens to me as I wing it.

    Good work 😎💪👊

  • @Sav2000 ha! Love them all. Plenty of them some way of their peaks so growth plus dividend potential in them!

  • @Paulh_85 thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. I really, really like Konate. He’s down from his peak when it looked like he might be EPL bound. He’ll not be at Leipzig for long. He’s going to one of the big teams. Fine young defender and really comfortable on the ball. In fact Leipzig could make well over 150 million from their French CB trio!

  • @Doug-s I won’t claim to be a master trader! However, I’ve seen enough to know that this thing is growing and growing and so the dips are easily ridden out at the moment!!

  • @Joseph ah that’s hard. You bought near his peak. I topped up at around his peak too. I have a decent holding in him now. I’m pretty confident he finds his feet at Gladbach. He’s still very young and will take time to adjust to the higher level. He’s got a fantastic manager to guide him too. I’d hold as I’m sure you’ll have a chance to either rid me him into profit and then keep him or sell from a position of strength.

  • I got rid of thuram, getting hooked early, not near the France team, just decided the money will be better put to use elsewhere and it has been.
    The market moves so fast not to mess about.

  • @FIGenesis 🤣😂 I forgot I love the Donkey column.

  • @Tom77 it’s a good trade if it works for you. I’m too lazy!! I’m lucky I got on him early so have some wriggle room.

  • @Doug-s quite a few donkeys to choose from this month!!!

  • @FIGenesis said in French Portfolio August Review - Player Stats, Financials, Ins and Outs:

    @Tom77 it’s a good trade if it works for you. I’m too lazy!! I’m lucky I got on him early so have some wriggle room.

    Nothing to do with wriggle room, I still had profit just couldn’t see him rising within the next 6 months compared to other players so he was ditched. I Really liked the transfer and the player but I have learned ned one big thing from FI in over 2 years it’s not to get sentimental or stubborn on a player. ( not saying you are).

  • @FIGenesis i do own a very small amount on him, have a feeling RB will be having a good season this year!

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