Belgiums 2 games....

  • Predictions on just how many goals they will get between the games v San Marino and Scotland?

    I'm gonna go a net score of 15 nil. KDB & Lukaku to run riot tonight. Might seem like a lofty prediction, but San Marino lost all 6 in the nations league failing to score at all. They've lost all 31 of their last games, Belgium beat them 8-0 last time they played in 2005 - and the gulf is even bigger now as Belgium have improved greatly. They've conceded 20 goals in their first 4 games without facing anyone decent.....and their number 1 goalkeeper is out meaning a first international start for their back up keeper. Cricket score time potentially tonight and potentially a new record for IPD payouts in a single game?

    As for Monday v Scotland...well Scotland are shite.

  • 9 nil net. Chance that the big guns don’t play tonight as even Scotland are a harder game out of the two. Well just.

  • Depends how ruthless they want to be... I also think 9-0... 6/7 tonight 2/3 vs scotland

  • They will win comfortably, but take into consideration how poor san Marino are. Wouldn't surprise me if belgium sent out a 2nd team, or if there's agreement with top teams to take their players off at half time.

    They will win by a big score but I think the value would lie in the players on the fringes of the team who will certainly get game time.

    Praet and even Benteke may score!

  • Bought Origi and januzaj for the potential goalfest .
    No hazards.
    KDB and lukaku are not playing 90.

  • I’m on Carrasco for that same reason, first choice wingers are out and he’ll be on the move in January so expect some media buzz and capital appreciation even after this international window has finished

  • @RU99 really think batshuayi might get a run out against san Marino. Why risk lukaku? Hes played for them already in this qualification and scored goals.

  • Yup I’ve gone Carrasco too hoping they put out a slightly weakened side! But also on KDB as potential top man if they go strong! 😂

  • I don't see it a risk with the big guns - basically a sharpener game for them all as after all, we're still early in the season building match sharpness. Give KDB, Lukaku etc a good 60-70 mins to see them score a bucket load = confidence up before a "harder" test on Monday? There is nothing better for a stickers form than scoring goals, even against part timers.

  • Tielemens to boss it from the middle


  • @Stevo said in Belgiums 2 games....:

    @RU99 really think batshuayi might get a run out against san Marino. Why risk lukaku? Hes played for them already in this qualification and scored goals.

    What's that? 🤑

  • Origi and januzaj starting this one.

  • The number 1 ranked team in the world vs San Marino. Will they really hockey them 9-0 or more or will they take it easy on them?

  • This post is deleted!

  • I just seen it now.



    De Bruyne


  • Lukaku comes off the bench to score 2 goals to hit 50 for Belgium...that'll do for me.

  • @gball1975 Hope so! I don't like the guy much but bought into him the other day. He's better than Bathshower, that's for sure.
    Will settle for a goal tonight v San Marino and just a hattrick against Scotland, who are an easier opponent 🤣

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