New IPO's - Next week.

  • I'm just not convinced about these bots, I got on bielik at 1p over his ipo price and he stayed at 81p even after my 250

  • @MickTurbo Maybe they (like most FI users) just don't think he is even worth the 80p so they didn't bother. If I got hold of a bot tomorrow its not going to make me buy overpriced players.

  • @MickTurbo im not convinced bots are a thing either. Just high volumes of users actively trading at once. We see plenty of folk on here talking of watching the ticker for long bouts of the day so it wouldnt take much to start an avalanche of buyers

  • Hopefully the prices of the IPOs are reasonable. The previous ones have been too high!!! Starting at £1 OMG

  • @King888 And most after the initial rise have fallen since so if you don't get lucky and find em cheap best to stay well clear.

  • @speedloafer said in New IPO's - Next week.:

    @Londoner A bot sits on your PC 24/7 waiting on the players to be released and then buys however many you want it to. By making it a week long and hidden times they have guaranteed the bots will clear up the IPOs now.

    I'm not sure it's BOTS. I sat up for the last IPO & there was educated buying/selling going on before IS was suspended.

  • @Gazz127 My port has been gradually dropping over the last 36 hours. I was on fire for 3 weeks until the day before Tuesdays ipo’s.

  • @Millonarios we may need to wait for a long time till Greenwood's 10 league appearances/450 mins played. He 's already been there for ages.

    I think all players in 1st team squad of clubs in top 5 leagues should be there. Players not in the top 5 leagues should be there once he plays the first PB-eligible match (UEFA cups, Euro, WC, etc.).

  • The only ipo I seen was the most recent 1AM drop. I was lucky to finish work at 3am and decide to check my portfolio and the forum.

    It definitely didn't seem like bots. I've heard stories of people attempting to buy ipos (in the peak hours) and them moving up in price 30 p in a matter of seconds.
    There was nothing like that in the last ipo drop.

    I got on Perez at roughly 1.40, Almada 1.61 and ihatteren 1.72 and they rose steadily like 1 or at most 2p a minute but nothing dramatic.

    Surely if it was bots they would have rose more than 30, 51 and 52 pence in price after initially becoming available and when I got on at 3.30am unless the bot owners underestimated how valuable the players would become that night.

    Perez peaked at 1.88 I think
    Almada 1.98
    Ihatteren 2.20

    And there was a drop off in buying between 4am to 7am and then they began going up in value again from 7 - 9.

    I'm not on here a long time like others but to me it seemed like no bots were involved tbh.

  • A "E Machine" was buying in 300s on the 1am IPO but he was also selling in batches of 300.

    I realize this could stand for "electronic machine" but I think it was someone taking the pee because it was intelligently operated & eventually ran out of cash when the IS was implemented.

  • @Millonarios i regularly argue the point that bots are less of a problem than most think but your logic here is just off. Of course you didnt see any bot action at 3am as any bot action would take place at the exact moment they were released at 1am

  • @EThomas9 Yes but wouldn't the bots keep buying and buying until a players price was almost to its eventual stable price?

  • Unless people who own them were too conservative with their valuations

  • @Millonarios no because the whole point of a bot would be to buy players at their exact ipo price using the speed advantage of a computer program. In that ipo with no normal users aware of the release and so no buying taken place you could then manually buy as many as you want at low prices. If i got loads of almada at £1.20 i wouldnt then be buying more at 3am at £1.60 in 300's would I?

  • @EThomas9 I could be mistaken but I thought if 300 shares get bought then the valuation rises 1p? So unless I'm wrong I'm unsure how it could get loads of a player at his ipo price.

  • @Millonarios 900 shares is a 1p rise

  • Anyway as for my own observations of popular player ipo's i could press buy on florentino luis at £1.26 so only 18 lots of 300 shares were bought before me, a non bot user pressed buy on the app (as i said on the luis thread i didnt actually buy any as the price movement meant my balance wasnt enough for the amount of shares i was trying to buy). However this was enough to show me that bots arent a huge issue and its not worth the amount of moaning some people do on the subject. Id rather buy an ipo at £1.30 and make money than moan that "im gonna steer clear as only bots can get him at £1.20" but maybe thats just me

  • Does this mean players that are already at pb clubs that are not on the index too?

  • @speedloafer said in New IPO's - Next week.:

    @Londoner A bot sits on your PC 24/7 waiting on the players to be released and then buys however many you want it to. By making it a week long and hidden times they have guaranteed the bots will clear up the IPOs now.

    This would be true whatever schedule/system FI use for IPOs. All they can do is monitor whoever is consistently buying IPOs at the original release price, and close their accounts.

  • So how many players and who will be on the list issued tomorrow?

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