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  • Just out of interest who has been checking MB much lately. Honestly because of the amount of football on offer my focus has been completely on PB and IPD.
    Last season I was thinking about media more.
    This time last year my big holds were pogba/salah/kane/rashford.
    I don't have one of them now.

  • @Tom77 Will be exactly what FI want as well - the more they can get away from MB the better for them. I'm not sure what it does for bigger more passive investors on the platform - and they will be propping up a lot of prices right now.

  • @Tom77 im on MB and PB but i know what you mean. Last year i was checking and reading all the stories and some nights even waiting for midnight to see who wins, now i rarely check it i just check my transaction history to see who returned dividends im barely bothering to keep track of news stories but im regularly looking at fixture lists

  • To save checking I ask FI customer services to email if Neymar hasn't won MB that day.

  • I think tomorrow could be a bit of a revelation about market sentiment. Along with france, england are on paper gonna be the most dominant team tomorrow. Therefore our players should be amongst the best shouts for PB.

    In the past I've seen huge rises in england players on a match day. But predominantly in the sterlings and kanes who will be most likely to get MB.

    Maguire's won plenty of MB through the summer but is likely to be over shadowed by the sterlings and the kanes on an england match day.

    I reckon Bulgaria are gonna be playing long balls, therefore Maguire's gonna be winning plenty of headers and will have a good chance of PB.

    I'll therefore be interested to see where the money is going tomorrow. If maguire, or maybe the likes of rice are the main risers, I think that's the market prioritizing PB. If its kane or sterling I think it's the market chasing MB.

    You could probably broaden this point and say that big rises in Turkey, france or maybe Ukraine players would indicate the market prioritizing PB.

    Personally I'd like to see the money going to mb players

  • hmm all that pb action... 3-4 days a week? MB is every day dawg, and won by very few. I took home £980 in the last month in divs.. probably around £100 of that was PB/IPD. Roughly 2.5% of my port, returned in divs only in one month.

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