£500 to invest

  • I’ve just had a bit of a windfall of £500 and looking for ideas to add to my port. I was hoping to get on Griezmann last month but just never had the funds. Do you think he’ll continue to rise up till Christmas or have I missed the boat?

  • @Woody Probably be a fair bit more expensive come the Euros. Good choice.

  • Don’t think you can go wrong with E Hazard. Will be back for Madrid at the weekend as they need a win. £4.23 seems too good to pass up!!

  • @NewUser396518 said in £500 to invest:

    Don’t think you can go wrong with E Hazard. Will be back for Madrid at the weekend as they need a win. £4.23 seems too good to pass up!!

    Just a shame he thought all those pies and pints of lager were ‘too good to pass up’.

  • Haha very true, but he looks sharp now. He’s been training at Madrid this week. I can see him hitting the ground running.

  • @NewUser396518 Yeah, can’t see all that class not transferring to Madrid.

  • @Woody I bought Griezmann a bit late on the basis that I still think he has a short term rise in him which has yet to happen majorly. Will probably rise up to the France game and continue if he scores. He’s got some nice fixtures for France and PSG ahead for IPDs.

  • @Luke PSG ???

  • T Hazard looks cheap again, might be one for the run up to the next Int break

  • Divide it into 10 x 50 pounds

    Short term : sell after a month
    De Bruyne

    Long term keeps for a few months or more

    Donyell Malen
    Lo Celso
    Paco Alcacer

  • @Webbinho I've been using divs to top up on him. Happy for him to continue dropping just now to get my average down!

  • @Millonarios agree with all those with exception of Sterling - I think his price is too high to make a return in the short term with the 2% commission considered - OK you may get some IPDs but I think the others offer more for your money. KDB also becomes a rotation risk when CL starts, but hard to look past the scores he is posting

  • @gball1975 Barca doh! Was looking at Icardi just before I wrote that. Point still stands! :)

  • @gball1975 problem with looking at FI whilst half my brain is on work emails.. Messi and Suarez our injured so Griezmann is the main man for a little while.

  • @Woody good choice! Undervalued imho

  • For short term
    Benzema 91p got 7 games in 30 days and relatively easy.
    Joan Jordan 1.36. Has took the pb crown off benaga and taking most corners and set pieces and has posted good scores so far.
    Fereya facundo 57p espanyol striker with a Europa League group to die for and goals are surely guaranteed.
    Admit I hold all three for the reasons stated.

  • Think Mahrez looks good value at the minute with chamoions league coming up

  • @Woody
    I just went for Milik, nice age, price and scored a good amount of goals last year. Has A good manager and better players around him this year. Great free kick taker, if he can assist more Crouchy style or Bergkamp style then he will rocket. Big if and big season for him

  • I’ve just split £700 over Bale, Sabitzer and Carrasco - see them all as safe holds for different reasons. Each has now over taken Neymar in terms of money I have invested in individual players

  • Thanks for the advice, I went for Griezmann in the end.

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