Tammy Abraham or Lukaku?

  • I gather by the drop in Lukaku he's not playing tonight.

  • I saw the ticker - one guys IS a feck ton of them - to then buy F Anderson from West Ham. Cant understand the logic.

  • @RU99 Unless he knows some team info🤔

  • @Gazz127 2 hours until kick off 🤔 maybe he’s not playing but definitely will on Monday so why instant sell, some people confuse me

  • @Gazz127 9p spread plus 5p commission. Unless you are desperate for the money just crazy to IS just before the game.

  • @LittleFish hope he plays and scores 6 now!!

  • @Squire1905

    I'd have lukaku and alcacer all season : )

  • I had to do a double check on the sales to make sure. Big bunch of IS followed by 300 Andersons - repeat multiple times. So it cant of be to free up cash, and surely nobody expects Anderson to rocket up in the time it takes to sell Lukaku? (FYI, I did a test of 3 shares (i had an odd number!) at 12ish, sold within 20 mins).

  • @RU99 I only hold 70 but that’s wiped £15 of my profit So he most have sold a good few.

  • @Matt-flint 😄😄 not as much as me.

  • @LittleFish haha I bet. I’ve only a small £1000 squad of players but he has 1 of my most profitable 🙄 got 150 on yannick so fingers crossed he starts tonight, need some profit back

  • To answer the post I'd buy both. I got out of Lukaku at the end of last season but bought him back with his move. Will buy more at the end of my 30 day hold if he keeps banging them in.
    Sold Tammy last week to lock in profits. Will be buying back in with 300 when a price opportunity presents itself.

  • @RU99 Good time to top up if you ask me.

  • @NewUser152089

    Lukaku big drop!!! Time to top up!

  • Took a bit of a hammering, all these philosophies about getting either Alcacer or Lukaku.

    I got Abraham in the end, I rest my case looks like best option of the 3.

  • @NewUser152089

    Lukaku would be a good buy especially atm.. after a considerable drop.. . He will contonue with media dividends and he surely will continue scoring! Current price is great value imo

  • @Zola25 Said this last week too, reality is Tammy Abraham has gone up nicely whilst Lukaku has further dropped so the right decision was made.

  • @NewUser152089

    True .. tammy has seen considerable rise BUT rmmbr FI matrix doesnt suit him.. .he aint gettin a hat rick every game.. lukaku better value for money atm.. sensi better than both!

  • @Zola25 It doesn’t matter really what the PB matrix says - why aren’t people getting that. Fundamentally yes it matters to the FI product I get that. However, I’m sitting on a 190% capital appreciation gain on Abraham which is far better than hoping for dividends in other players that won’t ever match that gain.

  • @TeamGB
    It absolutely DOES matter because all the new guys that aren't fully understanding it atm will soon enough start to chase the divs more and the cap app will be less for those who don't fit.

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