Tammy Abraham or Lukaku?

  • @TeamGB

    Offcourse.. and good on you with abraham.. never rated him highly but fair play he bangin the goals in.. .

  • @MrWh1te Yes and then they’ll be new guys again after the current newbies become experienced. It goes on and on to a point which I’m currently enjoying by making a lot of capital appreciation on a large number of players.

    Also, Abraham is also winning MB today and has also won some more MB dividends recently so it’s not all about current PB. If this guy continues to be the real deal and decides to play for England then he’s a decent hold.

  • @TeamGB I hold him and am banking on it :)

  • @TeamGB you might be sitting on a good chunk of cap app just now but if and when people get bored of him not winning divs or cap app is more profitable elsewhere his price could tumble. Problem with cap app players is the price only has to drop a little bit and a mass sell off could begin as everyone worries the inevitable drop has started.

    You need a dividend return to sustain a price so when chasing cap app the key is getting out at the right time unfortunately no one can know for sure where the peak is so set your own target to sell at

  • @Black-wolf He won MB last night. He will win a lot more MB if he decides to play for England, the Euros is coming, etc. I won’t be selling.

  • @TeamGB he definitely will if he picks england and then becomes first choice striker. That means replacing kane though and from all the hype im hearing of Greenwood he’s destined to be England’s next top striker 🙄. I like Abraham i just think hes route to the top is blocked by too much talent ahead of him. If he does puck england over nigeria he’s still got a lot of work to do to get into the first team

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