Mount vs Maddison

  • I sold Mount at his high of £4.05 (managed to sell half at £4.05 then decided to sell the other half at £4.01). Just debating who I should buy between the 2. Should I reinvest in Mount or should I bank on Maddison and pray for a move to United in the summer?

  • Thats a hard one if you are set between these two. IMO both are quite pricey. I dont hold either anymore but personally if was me id be leaning towards Mount if i had to buy one or the other

  • Who would you go with as an alternative then?

  • Off the top of my head James Garner.

  • I dont hold either but prefer Maddison, honestly think he’s a better player, routinely takes free kicks and corners and like you said will probably move to United in the future so has a transfer saga in him.

  • @Black-wolf do you see him getting first team football this season?

  • @Squire1905 not really no. Maybe a couple of sub appearances or a cup game or 2. But i dont think that matters too much the unknown seems to worth more than past performance on here especially when it comes to Man Utd players. Its when these types of players start getting game time it becomes riskier. He’ll most likely gain value up and until his debut, at that point its all dependent on his performance

    Take Greenwood for example his price is based on hype, if he doesnt live up to that hype once he starts playing his price will plummet

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