Do you think some players contradict there prices?

  • I find with some players that win mb all the time they are going to keep dropping in value.

    Someone like neymar we know will win lots of mb but his price when he goes to barce will drop.

    Pogba same again. Quite a high price and will win mb but when he moves abroad his price will drop.

    Messi his age will make his price deteriorate and the same for Ronaldo.

    So who do you buy?

  • You have answered you own question.

    None of them 4.

  • When you’ve worded it like that.
    In England then move abroad or too old then it’s got to be abroad but move to England & young.
    Your answer is Sancho

  • Pogba is your best bet IMO, he'll dominate media for another year at least, potentially years if he stays.

  • If you haven’t been here long enough to experience the market upon a major platform announcement then I’d advise you not to be concerned in the slightest about any value drops of the top dividend returners.

    If the top dividend returners have been stagnant/falling for a while then they are exactly the players to be looking to buy right now.

  • Another point to remember is that many of the established top players are priced as if they are going to disappear from the world of football at the end of the season.

    Most well known under 21s are priced as if they are guaranteed to become world class players.

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