England line up predictions.

  • Who do you all see starting tomorrow.

    I reckon

    Taa, Maguire, Gomez, chilwell.
    Winks, maddison, Henderson
    Sterling, Kane, Rashford.

    Mayb rice in the midfield....And I'd personallystart sancho, but not sure it will happen.

  • @Chickenman I think you have picked the team there! If we do well I think rice and mount would come off the bench

  • i saw a report saying trippier, barkley and rice will be starting, hopefully just a wind up though

  • 433
    TAA, Maguire. Gomez, Chilwell
    Henderson (sitting), Maddison and Barkley (more advanced than Henderson)
    Sterling, Kane, Rashford/Sancho

  • @shilly I saw this two days ago...
    Aaron Wan-Bissaka withdraws from the England squad because of a back injury he plays for Man U and that's what they do

  • @dean73 YES dean!! 🤣

  • As for the lineup, I think there are 3 places up for grabs.
    These 8 seem certain to start and all the mainstream media seem to agree:

    Trent Gomez Maguire Chilwell
    Sterling Kane-----

    The debate seems to be between Maddison, Winks, Mount and Barkley for the other two spots in midfield and whether it's going to be Rashford or Sancho on the other side of Kane

  • I think Sancho will start over Rashford. Just dont think Rashford has done enough lately to deserve the place

  • @Chickenman sure I read earlier winks has withdrew

  • Pickford

  • fotmobs probable lineup
    0_1567852023727_england team.jpg

  • Whomever Southgate starts today in midfield out of Mount or Maddison, I personally would like to see the other one given the chance against Kosovo. No point putting these lads in the squad if they don't get a run out to see if they actually fit in with Southgate's system(s).

    They could be the best player(s) in the Premier League, but if for some reason it just doesn't work then we need to be looking for other options.

    We put 5 past both the Czech's and Montenegro, so personally I'd like to see the Midfield 3 made up of Henderson to do the holding job and then one of Maddison/Mount partnering Barkley.

    I think playing Henderson as well as Rice or Winks is overkill in games against this sort of opposition.

  • I have a bad feeling the midfield will be Henderson, Rice and Barkley.

  • Southgate wants to build his midfield around Winks, if fit id be shocked if he didnt start. Another reason why his price is undervalued imo...

  • I hope Southgate doesn't start Barkley and also he needs to start Sancho, England managers get stuck on loyalty rather than picking the best/in form players. Thats when the rot kicks in

  • Personally I don’t think Rice should be anywhere near the England side, he doesn’t suit possession based football that England will play in most internationals. I’d probably go Winks, Barkley and Maddison against weaker oppositions and then probably bring Henderson in for games where more steel is needed in the midfield.

  • @SIFI said in England line up predictions.:

    Southgate wants to build his midfield around Winks, if fit id be shocked if he didnt start. Another reason why his price is undervalued imo...

    Hope so, we need a technically sound, posession retainer. For FI purposes though I just don’t think he shows any attacking intent.

  • Sky Sports News is reporting that Trippier and Rose will start as Southgate hints at going with experience over youth for this fixture.

    Strong hints that Rashford will start too.

  • @LukeMalla I Hope not Rose is so shit. Chilwell is so much better and has performed well everytime he's played for England. I just don't get it

  • @LukeMalla I be very surprised if trent doesn't start. Although he is young he has performed well in high pressured environments and is a champions league winner being in the final twice consecutively. And plays every week for a top club. Would baffle me. Also if sancho doesnt start would also baffle me. Rashford just isn't good enough at the moment.

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