Is Lukaku work £2.30

  • As Lukaku hasn’t played tonight. Was wandering if he was worth investing in after the drop.

    He’s been doing well!!

  • In a word "no" he's worth somewhere between £1.60-£1.80

  • @Ericali No way!!
    Come summer, he will be at least £3.

  • @gball1975 at Manchester United he was between £1.40-£1.80 & he won the odd MB in England.

    Since he moved he's kind of had the perfect storm.

    He was obviously involved in the media buzz quite a bit with his transfer dragging on - this pushed his price up because he was winning regular dividends.

    Then there was his debut, the penalty (coinciding with the Utd pen fiasco's) another goal, the racist chanting in Italy, then Belgium playing San Marino & Scotland.

    This pushed his price up to £2.40 in anticipation of a goal glut.

    I wouldn't be buying anywhere near his all time peak price, now that he plays his trade in a different country & has never troubled PB in the 4 years he's been eligible on the index.

    But it's your call. 👍

  • @Ericali True that but...
    He'll hit 20+ goals in Italy
    Inter will push Juve all the way this season. Main man at under under Conte with simply knows how it win.
    CL under dogs.
    Belgium probably 2nd favourites after France for the Euros.
    Come summer £3+.

    Each to their own though.

  • @gball1975 he could grow with the growth of the product, I mean he's only 25-26.... 👌

    But so should most players around that age without having to pay £2.30 a share.

    I still think Juventus win the league at a canter.

    Inter will have their hands full trying to finish higher than Napoli.

  • @Ericali No way...everyone is saying Inter got 2nd spot pushing Juve all the way.
    Inter have brought better than anyone this summer. And finally got rid of Icardi and his crazy wife Wanda.

    Lets see where we are at come the new year. (even though we have a CL group from hell)

  • Defo going to score loads in Italy and for belgium

  • @NewUser396518

    After the drop yeh ..

  • @gball1975 I fully understand your points here but I have to agree with @Ericali and sold my (few shares) for that reason.

    You're points are all very true and agree he will do a thousand times better than at United. But in reality where do all those positives get you on FI. He still is very unlikely to win PB. Therefore you are targeting the IPD market. For a safe player like myself I can't guarantee I will get back the commission from his goals at £2+ a shares let alone £3.

    So I have to say he is a £1.80-£2.00 player at most.

  • He will play against Scotland and bag a couple.He will defo score many goals in inter.I like the fact they have a tough cl draw as this will bring the best out of conte side and like the comment about icardi 👍 good ridance.

  • @Chewbacker again I agree. But do you think he will win PB? If not then he has to score 5 goals in a month to break even on IPD.

  • We all have our opinions on all players. I agree with above comments but for me I do think he'll hit the £3 mark.
    Time will tell.

  • Down to 2.21 just because he didn’t play vs San Marino. Beggars belief. Bet he goes up to 2.40 plus again with a goal against Scotland.

  • @NewUser275766 yeah it’s bloody stupid

  • @gball1975

    He will hit £3 imo also. Due to league and chanpions league comin v soon...

  • @NewUser731 I believe he will have pb and mb moments.he looks like he has a new lease of life.inter will play 3_5_2 under conte I would expect and this will benefit him.he and Martinez have already linking up well and like playing for Belgium he has better players around him than he had at man utd.IMO.conte believes in him and wanted him.they have some good cl games that will motivate inter team to do well.

  • @NewUser275766 I have been on the index since 2017 and the mindset of traders has changed where they pump a player before a game and then dump.those that want to hold have to hold there nerve and believe in the bigger picture.

  • Strikers of a similar age to Lukaku plying their trade in Italy
    im not sure why he will be worth 3 times the price of these players once the residual MB wears off.

    Immobile £1.17 age 29
    Zapata £1.35 age 28
    Belloti £1.29 age 26
    milik £0.96 age 26
    muriel £0.87 age 28
    Verdi £0.93 age 27

  • @Advinculas-Index I’d defo go belotti over Lukaku. Cheaper so you can buy more shares in him

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