Gamstop suspended account?

  • First to admit that I used to have a problem with online slots. No problem with coupons, scratch cards, slingo etc. So I signed up for gamstop at the start of this year. Best thing that’s ever happened to me.

    BUT, I’ve been using FI for 2 months and it’s been great depositing money and not watching it disappear in a heartbeat. I’ve built up a healthy portfolio and prior to tonight’s kick offs was £82 in the green. Was planning on withdrawing everything (£1140 so not a small amount) once I hit £100 and start again.

    HOWEVER when I tried to sell players to change things up before kick off, I was informed that due to a self exclusion imposed by GAMSTOP my ability to trade has been suspended until the exclusion ends. This is 5 years away and I’ve already been trading comfortably and making money for 2 months.

    Any other GAMSTOP users out there that have been screwed over and now don’t have the ability to buy or sell their portfolio without activating a football index self exclusion, and losing 2% commission fee plus a fee of 10% of their portfolio value for “charges”? 😡

  • Why did you sign up to football index after signing up for Gamstop, you haven’t been screwed over and it was rather silly thinking football index would be okay

  • As I said, I had a problem with slots. No issue with trading as I’ve done it small term on the side with stocks, however I actually know a thing or two about football. I searched the list of participating companies and FI wasn’t on the list.

    So if they’ve just joined today and suspended everyone’s account that is signed up to gamstop I’d say that’s screwing me over.

  • @NewUser382165 gamstop basically covers every betting site, when you sign up to gamstop you give up gambling online basically I’m afraid, I wish your insta selling every success

  • @NewUser382165 either way it does say in the T&Cs on Gamstop that companies will eventually join or have to join gamstop because of the gambling commission so you took a risk joining FI as its a gambling site. You may get lucky and ring FI and they may give you your money back but by joining Gamstop they've done something they've been regulated to do. I can see there on the list under betindex limited (known as football index)

  • Yep I noticed it was there now but. Checked when I signed up and didn’t see it there. Whether I just didn’t notice or not I’m not sure, but if that’s the case surely I shouldn’t have been able to trade for 8 weeks if it’s always been a part of gamstop? I could try to sign up to a new betting site tomorrow and they wouldn’t let me on. If that’s the case they should treat the FTSE the same way and gamstop should stick their noses into that aswell. It’s all gambling

  • @NewUser382165 i guess FI joined whilst you've been a member something mentioned on their site that all compaines will have to do so obviously it was a risk joining. I recommend giving them a call in morning you have nothing to lose.

  • Yep that’s true. Just find it ridiculous that they can just suspend an account which has been verified etc out of the blue without any prior warning, the players I wanted to sell before kickoff have plummeted now (lukaku down from £2.40😒) so any profit I have made is dwindling quick

  • @NewUser382165

    Leave it 2 years, then write to Gamstop, get your suspension lifted, then go back to FI, your port will have doubled.

    I think people are being a tad harsh here, if the lad didn't know it would happen, it's not something entirely obvious. A bit of sympathy wouldn't kill people.

    FI could choose to treat this like the Swedish stuff and let him market sell the portfolio to get his cash back. They are after all, the ones who let a registered gambling addict bet on their site.

  • Think people need to cut the lad some slack. I certainly didnt read any terms and conditions when signing up. Congratulations on signing up to Gamstop and getting you off the fruit machines. FI is gambling but lets face it compared to online slot machines they are miles apart.

  • @Dan-The-Man cheers lads. That I would do because it’s full of youngsters but me and the mrs are expecting our first baby any day now and the grand would come in handy. Plus it’s a 5 year exclusion, so my port would be gone 😢

  • Guy's an absolute lunatic for looking for sympathy. You banned yourself from gambling online and then signed up to gambling online!!! A-class lunatic.

    The only thing I can suggest is call FI. There may be something in there that they should have done their due diligence and knowing if you're Gamstopped is almost definitely part of that. Get your money back and we'll see you in 2 weeks when the Mrs lets you make an account in her name.

  • Banned

    Whilst I do have some sympathy, I am glad to know the system works.

  • @Dan-The-Man i doubt he will be able to get Gamstop to lift an exclusion its there for a reason.

    i do sympathise as ive been addicted to slots myself its easy to do but FI haven't let a known gambling addict on their site if they signed after to Gamstop after he joined. It says as you click into Gamstops site that all companies will have to join. It is quite clear.

    As i said @NewUser382165 ring them today and they may give you the money back.

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