The UCL Effect - Roller Coaster Incoming?!

  • Hello all, how are you doing? How have the Internationals been for your trading? With the UCL just around the corner I thought I would write a short piece for the blog on how the UCL affected the Index last season and what we might expect this season. I also drop in a few players I am excited to see on the big stage. Come and check it out and let me know what you think!!

  • @FIGenesis Great post. Agree that the best approach is to prepare early and try to ignore the price fluctuations. Worth saying this later in the season as well as teams are eliminated in the knock out stages. Some really big drops last season and easy to get caught up in the chaos.

  • Players in teams qualified for euro2020 will be immune from the drops.

    Anyone not in a squad will tumble.

  • a lot of twitter sharks praying on early season excitement, hopefully the top players will start to come through now and their bumping wil become more obvious

  • Planning for the champions League I've reduced my Salzburg holds to just 2. Szoboszlai and Bernede. Im not convinced now Salzburg will do well given all the departures and I've sold some holds.

    Haland drew a blank against Malta for Norway which disappointed. His price is real high at minute and blanks in the UCL could affect his price in a negative if he fails these tests. Could potentially see a significant drop. His goal scoring is phenomenal but I think he is a season or 2 too early for a top club.

    Hwang was another hold. That was market driven. His price was on the rise because of his goal scoring form and his price rose significantly. Can he score Champions League goals? He couldn't score German second division goals in his time there so I've got him down as someone who won't step up cometh the hour. His price I suspect is as high as it is in anticipation of Champions League success.

    Szoboszlai i think has broader appeal. The big club transfer links come with so regular now. A big move seems inevitable regardless of Salzburg's fortunes. A good long term hold to date.Bernede I bought low at the start of the season. Not been tested at a high level as yet but we will see.

  • @Metropolis bang on. And just like the recent drops, usually the UCL related drops are short term. They can be steep but if you trust your research then they’re a great time to double down.

  • @Tom77 it’ll be fascinating to see how Euro 2020 affects the Index as a whole.

  • @kaka8 I really think the new matrix boosted already strong PB players. Neymar, KDB etc. As you say, we’re starting to see these guys rising back now.

  • @Dalien-Smith I love the REd Bull system. As you say though, some prices are very high at the moment. I’ve sold all my Haland, plus all my Schlager and a few Samassekou since they both moved. I still hold Bernede and am topping up all the time. Looking forward to see how he does in the UCL.

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