Here's my portfolio. help/ advice would be appreciated POGBA,NEYMAR,SALAH,STERLING

  • Here's my portfolio. I've put in £4670....random number i know. Thoughts???



  • Is that all the top 10?! Maybe expand into cheaper players, more diversity, not being so reliant on Neymar and Pogba??

  • Most of the value in the market at the minute, in my own opinion, is in the £1-£2.50 ish players. Until dividends increase I think the highest price players have sort of topped out so I wouldnt expect much growth in the players you own for the time being. However its a three year bet and most of those players will return plenty of divs during the three years your bet lasts so I wouldn't worry too much for the long run. However you might want to diversify a bit and get some cheaper players primarily for capital appreciation so you can catch both sides of the market.

  • @Mr-Richard-T I think you'll get dividends but as others have said you'll miss out on most of the capital appreciation. You could make more money by not just relying on a few big name players in my opinion.

  • Young British players out on loan from the top 6, preferably English. Anyone under 22 playing as a striker in bundesliga that gets regular game time is usually a good shout aswell.

    Player I’d recommend for long term gain is Carles Perez playing at Barca. Still cheap to buy and he’s started the last 3 games in la liga while messi and Suarez have been injured, scoring 1 and assisting 2 from midfield. Over the next year or 2 I can see him becoming a big player, he’s even tipped to hit the big time by messi.

  • You'll do well on dividends as you have so far. You need some young talents and cheaper buys for growth.
    Not necessarily unknowns/smaller team players, but young guys who could move up in value £1 or £2 with playing time (LT holds) e.g Foden, Brewster, Rodrygo.
    Look how Mason Mount has shot up.
    Neymar and Pogba will always win divs so keep but Pogba looking dodgy at present.
    Buy 5-10 cheaper players, based on PB performances or future star potential, as well as keeping some of the big boys.

    Good luck

  • I would hold and just reinvest your dividends in cheaper players to help diversify your port. £400 just in dividends alone is more than you would of got in an isa! The big boys will have their day again and it's just a case of timing your exit, if you do!

  • @Mr-Richard-T

    I agree with @Dan-w . Hold what you have. Use dividends to try and build up a cash balance, say 2% of portfolio (great advice but I have never managed it, trying again at the moment), then use dividends to invest in short term, quick flips and in cheaper PB players to add a bit of diversity to your portfolio.

    £5,000 in a 1.4% ISA for a year returns £70!! How long have you been trading?

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