Bruno Xadas

  • So I've decided to reach for new avenues of potential, young, talented players who has been linked with big moves but currently playing in non-pb leagues... And I've come up with this chap.. Currently 31p

    Here's an article about him

    Any thoughts?

  • @Wiillaah im not sure. i was ready to hope on board upon reading that until I noticed that its a report from September 2017. Since then hes failed a medical with monaco aswell but i m still going to keep an eye on him now youve brought him to my attention. He does appear very cheap at 31p especially for an attacking midfielder with such promise and still very young but i still think ill wait for some more transfer speculation before im in

  • @Black-wolf I completely agree with your stance in fairness, he's very much unproven. I'm going to hold a few shares long term as he suits the type of player I'm looking for and he's low risk but probably not going to rocket in value anytime soon.

  • I’ve passed a fitness test and I’m on the bench tonight!
    I’m feeling good and fit again.
    Hopefully I can stay fit and start in the first 11 soon and get a run going 💪

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