Harry Kane, safest long term hold out of the top 15 players?

  • In my opinion Kane is the safest long term hold out of premium top 15 (over £4) players on football index. He's just turned 26, 8th highest dividend returner of all time, proven his quality for years, England captain/pens, summer Euros and an easy CL group for spurs. Thinking very long term he could have a massive move in him if spurs keep winning nothing, he'll likely become England's record scorer and becoming the PL record scorer is not a long shot.

    There's no ifs and buts about him like many others in the top 15, no concerns about footballing /dividend potential like the youngsters, age isn't against him like with Messi and maybe even Hazard/KDB to a lesser extent if thinking about a full 3 year hold. I'd be surprised if he's not around £6 for the Euros as England's main man, FI will grow a lot in that time too.

    With short term trading on IPD players who are poor for PB becoming less appealing with the increased spreads I'm expecting money being moved in to proven dividend winners like Kane in the upcoming weeks. Now looks a good time to get on as he's not even risen much despite 3 goals and an assist, he has 7 more nice looking fixtures eligible for IPD too. I admit I've topped up 600 today with the funds from IPD players I've recently sold.

    Do you think he's the safest (or top 3) hold in the top 15, If not why and who is?

  • @NallyCat who are the 7 above him in dividends? There may lie your answers if any?

  • @Dan-w

    According to footyindexscout in order 1-7,
    Ronaldo, age concerns
    Neymar, injury concerns
    Messi, age concerns
    Sanchez, probabaly finished as serious dividend returner and top footballer

  • @NallyCat there cant be many safer but I've off loaded him today. 2 reasons. I need to pull some money out this week and I chose him as the most expendable, which leads me to my second reason, he needs something like what's happened today to win MB but is priced as a divs monster

    Purely to take up your challenge I'll say sancho. An absolute cert for a huge move. My perception is that he'll be a big media player, especially if he returns to england. Big pb potential and a mainstay of england for the next 10-12 years

  • @NallyCat all valid points, but a couple of reasons which have stopped me topping up.

    PB compatibility. He's a goalscorer yes, but away from goals his PB base is not great. OK, it doesn't matter when he scores a hat trick and gets GWG, but when he doesn't, forget about it.

    If he was to leave Tottenham, he would not enjoy the same status/ service and would struggle imo. Not that many teams would accommodate a player of his style.

    Injury. He's played a lot of football the past few seasons and I would be concerned over the next 3 years if he continues. I've always thought he looks like he needs a rest but so far has proved me wrong and granted his injury record is impressive, but still, these things can catch up with players.

    Tottenham. Not convinced by Spurs at the moment. Eriksen leaving would have a big impact. Vertonghen as well and Pochetino is constantly being linked with other clubs (not least United).

  • @MickTurbo There's only 3 or 4 players who don't need to do something impressive to win MB, he is a divs monster.

    Disagree on Sancho, looks a very good player but he has to become a long term MB monster to justify that price, very difficult. I don't see the optimal for MB United move happening with top 4 unlikely.

  • Not trying to say any of the reasons you mentioned aren’t valid (each to their own on who they buy and why on here), but would you really be saying this if he didn’t score a hat trick today? Probs not. Kane needs this sort of performance week in week out just to be within any shout of winning PB/MB, and that ain’t gonna happen

  • @Metropolis

    He'll be the 12 highest PB returner of all time when tonight's PB is paid out, that's pretty PB compatible.

  • @NallyCat I agree there arent many better holds but for me I wont look to jump back on till closer to the euros. He'll win MB today, perhaps tomorrow but unless he does the biz again against Kosovo that will probs be that for a bit.

    I got rid of him because obviously I rate all my holds highly otherwise I wouldnt hold them, but for his price I reckoned him to be the worst value. Interesting to see rash posted 160 today without a goal or assist. He must be one of the best holds around. I could of raised the cash from him today but chose kane.

  • Second PB win of the season and it’s only early September! How many other players have won twice already?

    Clearly there are better dividend earners out there, particularly Pogba and Neymar, but they cost more.

    He’s a solid hold, even if not the most exciting.

  • @ocs123 didnt rashford win it in the first 2 games? I'm not sure now? Definitely not many tho

  • @Andy Actually I would, I said something similar on twitter a couple of weeks ago and topped up then as well. Kane does deliver these performances very often though.

  • @MickTurbo my strategy is opposite of yours! I jumped on Kane today with Euros in mind. I think NOW is the time to start thinking about Euros, not close to the time.

  • Well, I’m not going to sell Kane anytime soon. In my opinion he is a better investment than Mbappé over the next few years. Tonight was a sweet earner for me. My advice, always have at least 100 shares in Kane. I have 1000 shares and holding for the foreseeable.

    Another point to keep in mind is that Kane is an English media darling. When pogba, Neymar, Ronaldo or Messi are not going to win media - Kane is odds on to win. A worthy hold in my opinion 🚀🚂🚀

  • @Hotspur you're right mate. I'm planning to buy up all my euros targets ASAP put I needed to pull a grand from somewhere today and chose kane.

    Pretty shortly I'll be bulk buying a good few players for the euros. The thing with kane is hes just had 4 goal involvements for england, nailed pb and MB, and probs tomorrows MB and rose what? 8p?

    Therefore I believe that if theres any top player who I'll be able to buy in january for a price not too dissimilar to todays price it's probably him.

    I'm thinking I might go for a def/mid/fwd from every top euro nation, giving myself a great chance of PB and MB every day during the euros and I think most of these players will appreciate faster in the short term than 'arry

  • @MickTurbo said in Harry Kane, safest long term hold out of the top 15 players?:

    Pretty shortly I'll be bulk buying a good few players for the euros. The thing with kane is hes just had 4 goal involvements for england, nailed pb and MB, and probs tomorrows MB and rose what? 8p?

    Yeah that's crazy. It's just the majority of traders aren't interested in dividends at the moment. They want capital appreciation. But if anybody wins 4p in IPD in the past he would have shot up. Its just a phase. For me this stagnation has allowed me to buy more kane and profit from some IPD on top of wrapping up MB and PB. It shows for an increase in dividends needed if FI want prices to rise.

  • @C-Money last time england played the rises were bonkers. If kane had a performance like this back then youd of been looking at 30 odd pence at the very least, maybe 50p. Sterling probs 20p and when wank biscuits pulled out trippier would have been on the trending list

  • @MickTurbo who’s ‘wank biscuits’?? 😂

  • Wan bissaka @Sol lol

  • Kane is one of those players on here who doesn't seem to be doing much and his price doesn't seem to be going up much and then you suddenly realize he's gone up a pound or more in a few months. Gets a pretty decent amount of dividends too. Although I don't have him he's a pretty safe hold I'd say, although that ankle is a slight worry.

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