Pogba - The burning question.

  • Would like a discussion on Pogba’s current price. I’m a holder of 200 @ an average of £6.97.

    Looking to invest another 100 but worried with all the new users he will keep dropping?

    He’s due to be fit next weekend. Will that stop the drop?


  • I hold 270 at £7. I remain confident. The drop has mystified me. It's not as straight forward as saying it's down to new users though. Prices only drop when a player is IS'd or listed. If you dont hold you cant sell. Therefore its established users selling that is causing the drop.

    So why are established users selling?

    1. hes had a lean spell dividends wise so people are getting bored/frustrated

    2. contract uncertainty

    3. injury (every player on the index has a drop when they're injured)l

    4. freeing up money for short term flipping, preying on IPD chasers and new users

    5. freeing up money to buy a bang average centre mid IPO at >£1

    I personally think he'll start rising but I just dont know when. The market doesn't seem to be as reactive as it was. There was a story yesterday that real madrid will now pursue mbappe instead of pogba. I know most stories are trash, but trash stories cause dips, so I thought this story may have brought about a bit of a rise but no.

  • Simplyfied.... He's £7.

    That's 14p comission on every share. People are holding on the hope he hits £8.

    That's a 14% increase.

    You can buy a 50p player & hope he goes up 6p for the same percentage rise.

    The penny dropped about 4 months ago with me

  • For me Pogba is a real anomaly at the moment. The issue being that while he receives a lot of MB for transfer links, people regard a move away to be negative for his MB scores. So as his MB points go up, his price comes down. Very odd state of affairs really but for me this is what has put people off buying. I hold a few shares that I got on early a long time ago so I will hold either way.

  • The funny thing is the amount he dropped on the announcement of an injury when hes an MB hold that gets most his Media from stories off the park. Plus Man Utd players are renowned for picking up injuries when international duty comes along. I took news of his injury to be nothing to worry about he’ll be playing as soon as the league starts up again.

    His price being what it is is very strange as is Neymars with all the MB he’s picked up lately but it does fall in line with matchday IPD chasing and flipping. However usually when one player dominates the media for so long like Neymar has id of expected a shift in market trends towards media dividends. It could be a sign that people just dont see dividends to be worth it. FI may say they increased dividends at the split but for all the new users their has been no benefit as all they see is the low dividends but have no comparison to player prices. In fact most players are a lot higher in price than they could ever hoped to be before

  • He's £6.77.... where is the increase to £8 (as many expected) when the transfer window closed? 🤔

  • @Bezz82 I’m in the same boat as you mate

  • @Ericali
    I hold and was surprised there was no upturn at the close of the window. I didn't expect £8 necessarily but certainly didn't see him dropping. I think at the moment the drop makes sense to an extent. He isn't getting any MB and that's where his value lies. Add this to the fact that MB stars apparently aren't as attractive as they used to be (Neymar has returned £1 per share in MB since June 1st and his price has hardly moved) and you can see why people are ducking out. I find the media goes in cycles with these players though and I'm sure he'll be back winning, though this won't guarantee a price surge (see Neymar example above). A dividend increase is the next milestone to look for if you hold Pogba, or the wheels falling off Man Utd. Alternatively he could start garnering more PB, as this seems to be more of a draw to the user base at the moment. It's an interesting case study.

  • It takes a massive investment into the market to cause a rise of a player at such a high value. I’d only be buying into a Pogba or Neymar for the PB if I had thousands to pump in. Otherwise, there’s much more chance of capital appreciation in players of sub £3.50 I’d say. It’s the way the market works now it takes 900 shares to increase per 1p since the share split. Some don’t seem to have picked up on this yet?

  • @Ericali this man talks consistent sense 👍

  • @Ericali i thought there would be an increase if he stayed myself as i believe you did too. For whatever reason it hasnt happended and United dont have to sell again next year but i think in peoples mind he will be going next year so wary of investing.

  • Its not surprising that the Index is all over the place at the moment as most of the top players seem to be either injured, out of form or youth not getting game time. Add in the stop, start season so far, share split and bonus period it has all felt very unsettling. Once we get past the International break and get into the CL and EL games the cream will start to rise as divs come readily in.
    So nows a great time to top up, sit back, be patient and enjoy.

  • @Ericali said in Pogba - The burning question.:

    He's £6.77.... where is the increase to £8 (as many expected) when the transfer window closed? 🤔

    I don't know... You tell me, you were one of the more vocal that if he did stay he would rocket. But of course you were also 100% sure he was going which is why you sold... Nothing to do with 'realisation' that a cheaper player has to rise by less to make more percent increase (which a 3 Yr old would underatand)

    @MickTurbo has summed it up right... Injury, the uncertainty, ipos, form, not playing in euros this round, not won mb for a couple weeks.

  • As i mentioned in another thread
    The top end players have reached a ceiling
    Look at Kane yesterday he scored a Hat trick wins all the available dividends and yet his price is lower than it was last week and dropping

    similarly with Sterling, scoring goals week in week out and yet his price has dropped almost 30p in the last week

    until FI address the Dividends this will remain as such.

    another factor is traders holding off until 21st September to see whether any announcements are made

  • Pogba and basically the majority of the top 20-50 players have all fallen during the first few weeks of the season and this is quite understandable. In my opinion the lower value players have seen strong rises as new traders join and try out the platform with smaller investments and the £1,000 risk free, this has enabled longer term traders to take advantage by taking profit from top 50 players and joining this trend.

    In addition with the euros eliminating many treble media days and PB being difficult to win due to some fixtures being very one sided there seems little value in the higher priced players. However once this international break concludes and some regular trends in PB and MB develop I would expect to see the top players rise again as traders see the dividends come in and recognise that lower priced players win PB and MB hardly at all and that flipping for IPD's also becomes more difficult as the lower priced players have increased in value and commission eats up profits.

    With FI still being a relatively new product and with numbers growing we are bound to see different cycles and trends and making profit will become harder and we will have to accept lower returns but they can still be in double figures and a well balanced portfolio of dividend winners, young developing players and IPD flips will ensure you are never over exposed.

    It is also in FI's interest that the product and all player prices increase over time to ensure there income and profitability rises and therefore, Deposiut bonus, dividend increase and share splits will happen over the coming months and years. Which will ensure the top players continue to rise but maybe more slower but they will return income and profit it just depends on your personal trading style and if you want to get rich quick or slow :)

  • Imagine my disappointment when I clicked in and found out this wasn’t a debate on whether we should set him on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • @Ringers said in Pogba - The burning question.:

    Imagine my disappointment when I clicked in and found out this wasn’t a debate on whether we should set him on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Probably slightly less than the disappointment you feel whenever you click on the football league table thread old bean ;)

  • Pogba and the big hitters are out of favour, this is obvious at the moment. There are always cycles and trends on here. By jumping on, or following trends, I feel like it is too late to make good money that way. As usual I feel it is best to try and get ahead of the next trend, and mostly ignore the current trend.

    Market sentiment appears to be against the big hitters at the moment, so this is where most of my money has been spent. The current trend appears to be the mid price players, so it makes sense for me to release the profits I have made off of this current trend and put this money into (hopefully) the next trend. Surely only a matter of time before they are the next trend, or even better FI increase dividends to increase their appeal.

    I am currently topping up on Pogba, hold 655 and have 5 players in sell queue to top up Pogba to about 800 when they sell.

  • @Bezz82 "Pogba - The burning question."
    At the stake, no question about it.

  • @Martyn-B Maybe why the best course of action is to have a diverse portfolio.
    Got Pog,Kane,Rash,Stirling etc and all have struggled but mix these with some players under a quid such as Hwang hee chan,Diangana,Trossard etc and fingers crossed you can offset the losses in the elite players and continue growth.
    Diversity is important and give me confidence of not suffering big losses at any time.
    Pogba will I hope find some support but I am not overly exposed on any player.

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