Matchday Thread 08/09/2019 (Internationals)

  • Got to be Alcacer. Faroe tonight, but then 6 games for Dortmund in the 30 day IPD range.

  • @Ringers yep jumped on this morning! Already up a couple of pennies!

  • Yup I would say alcacer, only thing to possibly consider is if he plays some of the younger ones eg oyazarbal to give them some game time... a la Belgium resting Lukaku the other night!

  • @HPcoys this is what I'm expecting to be honest

  • @Ringers gonna jump on as well some good IPDs and rise could come out of that

  • Mikhetaryan, 2 goals and 1 assist today.
    Cezig under out injured for Roma.
    Could be a shrewd buy for a month or 2.
    He was shit in the prem but a slower style of football prob suits him.
    Blatent pump because I just bought 300 but its a decent shout imo.

  • @Tom77 He's done great today but I've never rated him tbh
    Still, if you think Mkhitaryan's name is awkward, I'm watching the WSL match right now between Arsenal and Wet Spam and the Spammer who has just been booked is called...
    Jacynta Prema de Nieva Galabadaarachchi 😮
    And which wonderfully exotic country is she from?
    Yup, you guessed it... erm, Australia 🤷‍♂️
    Born in Australia, name originates in Sri Lanka and she has an Italian passport.

    I guess I'd best stop before I start receiving all the hate for mentioning Women's football though

  • Dzeko currently top forward on a whopping 68pts 🙄
    Now if every other side today can play like Spain 10yrs ago with no strikers, I'd appreciate it.
    Thanks 😁

  • Anyone got the Spain line up can’t find it anywhere?

    Edit found it on Twitter don’t worry

  • De Gea, Carvajal, Hermosos, Ramos, Gayá,Thiago, Rodri ,Parejo, Suso, Oyarzabal y Rodrigo.

  • Anyone think grimaldos gonna get a sniff of the squad?

  • @matt4567 turns out that’s exactly what he did! 😂

  • Pleasantly surprised how many of the euros under 21s players are playing for their countries at full international level this past week. I see barella and chiesa starting for Italy tonight. Hagi and Puscas earlier. Oyazarbal tonight w Ceballos more obviously last game. I’m sure there are many more

  • Emerson injured for Italy possible hamstring.

    Marcos alonso only left back for Chelsea ....

  • @Tom77 great that’s another one of my port crocked:-)

  • @Tom77 never hated my FI luck more after holding him for 4 months I decide to IS on my loss and sell him yesterday next thing I know boom Emerson is injured just my luck knew that would happen

  • Lovely little boost to my portfolio figures @Tom77. Been holding Alonso since before the season started an almost immediately he was at a loss after Lampard played Emerson in pre-season. Looks like patience may well pay off for me here.

    A goal against Wolves on Saturday would be perfect ;)

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