IPO for the week Monday 9th to Friday 13th September

  • @Advinculas-Index I think you're proof that I'm correct πŸ˜πŸ‘

  • @MickTurbo No I do agree with you there is little here to be excited about but at least nice to see these teams players getting represented on the index even though a tad overdue.
    No doubt though one or two traders will sell a perfectly good hold for the chance of a quick profit.

  • @Gazz127 yeh no doubt bud. Itll be interesting to see where the drops come. And one IS'ing somebody like pogba or messi at their current prices and all things considered is an absolute loony.

    I could understand if there were 1 or 2 that would be likely to rise the way ihatteran or almada did but surely theres gonna be nothing even close to that

  • @MickTurbo Nope and I'm not checking my port, counting my pennies at all. Honest, guv'nor 😏

  • Whilst I understand adding players from promoted PB leagues makes sense, there are lots of players from existing PB teams who might actually be half decent that haven't been added yet.

    The other, bigger issue is that a mass influx of players is going to make winning PB a whole lot harder so I sincerely hope there is a revamp of PB too, maybe a tiered system.

  • @Yellow it might offset the perceived shift in value from mb to PB brought about by the single media days were having during the international break, restoring the order we were all used to until recently

  • Staying well clear of these. Ended up chasing and losing money last two times so sticking with my Portfolio. Also think it's a great time to top up on other players who are dropping due to people freeing up funds for IPO's. Good luck to those that get involved πŸ‘

  • Filling the stock with lots of crap priced high, makes the current stock look worth buying again... E. G. Clerc, one of Osasuna's best performers last season, bought by levante and playing, was around 15p, now 22p. Now he looks cheap again when osasuna non Matchday players are coming in higher.

  • Having only joined 4 days ago, I'm curious as to know when one or more of these IPOs have actually been added, now it's different to before. Is there any kind of announcement at all? Is it just a case of checking all the time to see if they've been added? Or perhaps checking the ticker to see when someone has bought?
    There aren't really any of this new lot that I especially want but would be good to know for future ones.

  • glad to see them trying to sort it out finally but still no timeslot on when they released again...most of those players are worthless the only ones id consider are drexler with cologne & bulter for union who ruined dortmund last week.

  • @dean73 i would just watch and admire the first batch mate to see what its like...say for example a player is entering the market at Β£1.20......
    by the time you have found him,clicked buy, chosenhow many shares you would like plus scratched your arse in the meantime he would be priced at Β£2.10....very hard to get a player at his exact price he gets entered...youll see that by the crazy blue lines on a players graph when it does happen

  • A couple of players of interest in the list but I think i'll need 5-10 games to make a move, might just wait until the storm has passed. Interesting stats from the opening 3 games of the Bundesliga


  • @Wolvesfan1980 nice work πŸ‘

  • I've never really got it with ipo, s
    How are we supposed to know when each play is coming live.?
    Do we have to just keep searching for the player all week on a hope he's been released?
    Cheers for any help

  • @Hopeitworks You used to be able, they gave you a two hour window but the site would crash with the demand.

  • Christopher Trimmel is in, 40p IPO up to 47p

    Puertas in

    Salva Sevilla in hes 35 playing for possibly the worst team ion the league, people still buying him

    people will buy any old shite once its an IPO

  • Puertas is not bad, granada’s best player

  • @Tom77 yes I can understand the interest in him, I was talking about the 35 year old, I just added more players in as they were released

  • @speedloafer said in IPO for the week Monday 9th to Friday 13th September:

    @Tom77 yes I can understand the interest in him, I was talking about the 35 year old, I just added more players in as they were released

    Only mentioned him because I looked him up the this morning, could actually be the best of the bunch.

  • Birger Verstraete in

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