No Bale Media MB after late Welsh game???

  • Cant understand how Bale all over press in summer scores late in Wales victory....and nothing...

  • @Doug-s you answered your own question, Wales no one cares

  • @jay 😂, I'd agree normally but I hold some futures so I've got to pretend to care.

  • It’s the English bias in the media again. He was in the papers earlier that day talking about Madrid and then scores the winner later on. Amassed 490 points. It’s a joke,especially when you look at what England players who have done nothing of note score

  • What’s the population of Wales though versus the population of England?

    It’s unrealistic to expect equal reporting, when the two countries differ in size so much.

    Journalists are always likely to write about players or stories who will generate more clicks or papers sold.

  • @NewUser5849 nothing of note, Kane scored a hattrick 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. It was Mounts first call up to England too and the top MB dividend earners arent English either 🙈. Bale will win MB occasionally but it will always tend to be transfer related. Its not a joke its just reality.

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