• Come off the bench to get another 2 goals... he a goal machine.. .and now fit... he will be spain main striker come summer!!! I see big rises provided ge stays fit

  • Terrible for PB and quite expensive for IPD. His established role as a sub at Dortmund doesn't help either.

  • @Alpilgrim he’s started every game so far for Dortmund, not been a sub...?!

  • @Alpilgrim You need to update your info.
    Paco's started more games than he's been sub for Dortmund (20 starts, 17 sub)
    Plus he's a starter these days...
    1st 17 league games after he joined = 5 starts, 12 as sub
    The rest = 15 starts, 5 as sub

    Scored in each one of his 7 games this season, 9 goals total.
    Started the first 6 and came on as sub today.

  • @Alpilgrim just saw this alcacer stat...not bad IPD I’d say...!
    Paco Alcacer's brace in 29 minutes tonight takes his tally since the start of 2018/19 to 31 goals in 41 games for club & country. This equals a goal every 74 minutes which is the best record of ANYONE IN WORLD FOOTBALL (Messi = 85 minutes)

  • @HPcoys

    You can't get IPDs for a whole season's worth of goals. I'm not disputing that he scores goals just that he is too expensive for them to be worth buying him for. Say in your 30 days he scores 6 goals that is only about a 3-4% return on his price and most likely cancelled out by the spread to sell.

    He also has no established history of PB winning (again not disputing he will score and has scored loads) and I don't see that changing in his role.

  • @Alpilgrim totally agree re IPD being short term but that’s for every player! That’s disputing IPD as an income stream not alcacer. I don’t flip for IPD anyway but it seems lots of people do and someone scoring that often is probs a good shout for them. And as per @dean73 point above, there should be cap app leading up to euros for Spain’s likely starting striker. PB wise it’s hard to judge him on last years dividends based on your mention about being sub at times last year... anyway, all opinion, time will tell as they say!

  • @HPcoys

    There could possibly rise in the build up to the Euros if he seems first choice. I'd be wary at the moment that his price has almost doubled in the last month. I'd be concerned now at buying after a large spike. Congrats to anyone who bought at the end of July though!

  • @Alpilgrim Established as a sub?? You need to start paying attention sir!!!

  • @gball1975 as myself and HPcoys have already stated.
    Perhaps AIpilgrim isn't the only one who needs to pay attention 😏

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