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  • Coming back to index-after a few months break with quite a large of sum for next few months as wife let me put good bit of our savings on the index as I kept trying to convince that index is better than savings account lol

    As have the sum of money for around next 2-3 months I’m not really looking for longer term holds but instead I’m Looking for IPD players I can rotate in that window and hopefully make some profits and at worst case scenario come out even (hopefully on profit so she lets me keep on investing in platform) lol

    I have done research on my own but hoping to get few more ideas from fellow traders as few heads is better than 1 :)

    I am looking for attack minded players with decent fixtures coming up within the qualifying leagues along with europa and CL.

    Preferably those players are from outside of Europe so their price has not been bumped by the Qualifiers .
    Won’t be buying untill the day of return of European leagues so would appreciate the help and hopefully other people would benefit from it too.

    At the minute my head is around arsenal with Aubameyang, lacazette or Pepe
    Next league game is on 15th September
    So if purchased now or on that day there 7 fixtures within the 30 day period where 6 of them arsenal are looking like favourites to win them.

    Away to Watford Pl
    Away to Frankfurt EL
    Home to Villa Pl
    Home to Forrest PL
    Away to UTD PL
    Home to St Liege EL
    Home to Bournemouth Pl

    From the 3 players I’m thinking Aubameyang as he’s at reasonable £1.97
    Pepe bit of a risk at 2.95
    Lacazette very tempting at 1.51 but scared he will be mostly coming off the bench

    Any other ideas would be really welcomed !

  • @PortfolioMan
    First of all will you be selling once your ipd is up?

    I don’t think Laca will be mostly coming off the bench, I think emery will start all 3 and simply try out score teams , arsenal looking a lot stronger at the back now with Hector , Tierny and holding all back so I believe PAL will start. Pepe is too expensive for ipd in my opinion as the commission is too large and it is likely he will score the least out of the 3.

    In terms of IPD I would look at Suarez when he is fit cereal goalscorer and cheap , potentialy Cavani if you think he will start games although also injured atm. I personally don’t really favour ipd flips as I think it’s high commission average reward.

  • @PortfolioMan I think you’ll find forest is a league cup game and not eligible

  • I will be market selling coming close to the expiry date. IS only if injury occurs hence I’m looking to stick it on more that 3-4 players (probably around400-500 shares each) so I don’t get caught out with possible loss of IS but I’m also not under any pressure to wait to market sell (other than being greedy lol) so I can reinvest.
    Hence price of Pepe is definitely putting me off when it comes to market sell larger quantity of shares in him as it will take time.

    I looked at Cavani but with arrival of Icardi I would assume he won’t start much and icardi missed most of pre season with inter so don’t want to risk it even knowing how much of a quality of a player he is.

  • @Ringers noted ! Thanks lol :D

  • @PortfolioMan Lewandowski,

    1 x game tonight eligible for dividends, then 6 games within the next 30 days. Cannot go wrong

  • I don't really get involved in IPD flipping, but if I did I would say the value is normally in the 60p and under market and this has had big increases already. Maybe not the best time/strategy at the moment in my opinion. Just my opinion, good luck!!

  • personally think it's crazy to be looking at IPD players this high price. Plenty of much cheaper players out there that although might only get you 3 goals as oppose to 5. The commission and and the numbers of shares you can afford in the above mentioned players in a big big downside for me.

  • Nolito 38p Seville. Got 7 fixtures in 30 days .
    One on a single match day against elbar
    Had plenty of shots but not scored yet.
    Will spike when he gets his goal.

  • Domenico Berardi (Sassuolo) - hat trick in his last game. Only 5 games in the next 30 days however I don’t think it’s been spotted that Sassuolo have 3 single PB game days coming up. 2 in October and 1 in early November. Certainly one to keep an eye on.

  • I see no value in IPD only for those sorts of value, each to their own. A £2 player will need to score 4 "points" just to cover the commission. Say you strike it VERY lucky and they score 8, assuming no CA you've made 2% post sale. So you are fully reliant on CA to make this worth while at all. Yes, if they score a bucket load they will probably increase a bit on CA, but you should be looking at the IPD as a bonus if your looking at those sort of values.

  • Audameyang has started all the league games, however I'm not sure if he will play the early EL games. Lacazette is coming back from injury so he may get more time in those games and I think in the last game he played through the middle of the 3 and PEA from the left and Pepe from the right.

  • Think Auba is way too high a price to be considered for IPD, especially considering the fact in that run he'll probably only start the league games

  • Borja iglesias.. just signed this summer picked up an ankle injury against Madrid and missed a couple of matches...played the last 20mins before the international break and is betis main striker...people seem to be missing the fact that borja is the main no.9 and have been ploughing into moron?? Fair play he has been scoring but borja will get a whopping rise with real betis fixtures upcoming... 92p bargain

  • @PortfolioMan

    The forum at the moment, and probably market sentiment, is falling into two camps, the IPD flippers and the long term MB holders, with the PB holders staying neutral. I am firmly in the MB camp, with a 27k portfolio of which I have one £65 hold as an IPD flip, so maybe I am the worst person to be advising on an IPD strategy, conversely I may be able to give unbiased advice.

    The EPL started on Friday the 8th of August, this was 33 days ago (fact). From memory the French league started the same weekend, Spain and Germany the week after and then a week later Italy. A lot of players have been bought for IPD potential and flipping at the start of their respective seasons and as they become IPD ineligible they will be sold. Buying now could be a very volatile time.

    Lots of ways to make money on here, I just don't recommend following only one strategy. Also I feel the players you named are the wrong price, at the wrong time with the wrong strategy. If you are looking for a year long hold with Euro's and transfer speculation then safe enough, but not for what you are suggesting.

    Also this is an IPD thread, fair enough. Just remember every player tipped on here is also held by that tipper, and they plan to sell before you do.

    Have a scan through this thread:


    It is long but have a scan. @Trader-ZX is trying to turn £20 into £100. Interestingly a month ago nearly all tips were fruitful, just a case of having the luck or skill to follow the correct tip and selling at the right time. Now of the current 10 IPD tips, 7 are losing money, 1 is even and only 2 are making money. Also crucially, @Trader-ZX is risking only £20 on a bit of fun and is happy and willing to lose it all, you are talking about your savings here.

    That is my mostly impartial advice. I hope you decide on a more balanced portfolio and strategy, good luck with whatever you do 😉

  • Denis Bouanga from Saint-Etienne yet to hit form in his new side but they have just played Lille and Marseille but they have an easy run the next few games. He's started 3 out of 4 and only 68p 0_1568036431297_IMG_20190907_070130.jpg

  • @Martyn-B so you'd like everyone to stop flipping IPD players and invest in MB instead? I see what you did there 😂

  • @GwedLid said in Ipd next 30 days:

    @Martyn-B so you'd like everyone to stop flipping IPD players and invest in MB instead? I see what you did there 😂

    Yeah, going for the old reverse psychology trick!! In all seriousness, everybody needs a bit of diversity to their portfolio and strategy. Mine is mostly MB, with some proven PB winners, some PB cheap punts and a few CA long holds. A bit of market stability would also be appreciated!!

  • @Martyn-B I have only invested a small amount in the Index and have zero patience so flipping IPD's seems like the logical tactic for me. Can't stand it when my shares are stood still which is a shame really, been on a good few potential PB players but always end up selling them just before their prices rocket 🤣🤣🤣

  • For the next 30 days I'd go for Luis Suarez, just returning to fitness + seven games
    over the next month and only 90p.

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