Time Out

  • Hi all,

    My portfolio has been on the decline for about the past 2 weeks now, and it doesn't seem to be slowing up! It has dropped 2.5%.

    Seeing the red most days really annoys me, however I have faith in FI and really hope my players will rise soon.

    Curious to know, has anyone ever used the timeout feature as a means of not checking your portfolio for a period of time?

    Tom : )

  • @TomIrving yeah I’ve used it before, only ever needed it for 24/48hrs, but it did the job. Basically you just can’t log into your profile. You can still access the site and check player prices, just can’t log in and trade

  • I'm currently on day 6 of a week long time out and it's been great.

    My portfolio was down 4% over the 2 weeks before I timed out, and like you I know it's still been dropping but haven't been able to see it so I've been nice and relaxed - what you don't know can't hurt you 😀.

    I'll have a little restructure on the 10th when my profile becomes active again but then I'll probably take a month time out after that.

    Back to long term investing for me

  • @ScouseSte I didn't decide to take a time out but feeling good about FI right now. Think after the international break there'll be another upturn.

    However I think I will take a break during my hols in october 👍

    Glad it's going well for you though.

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