Matchday Thread 09/09/2019 (Internationals)

  • Euro 2020 Qualifiers

    Azerbaijan 17:00 Croatia
    Estonia 19:45 Netherlands
    Hungary 19:45 Slovakia
    Latvia 19:45 North Macedonia
    Northern Ireland 19:45 Germany
    Poland 19:45 Austria
    Russia 19:45 Kazakhstan
    Slovenia 19:45 Israel
    San Marino 19:45 Cyprus
    Scotland 19:45 Belgium

  • For anyone interested in the early game, Croatia have gone with the same starting XI as the other day when they beat Slovakia 4-0.

  • Any thoughts on how Belgium will setup? Rested a lot of players last match.

    The Netherlands need another win. Great result for them on Friday.

  • I've just seen the Scotland line up for the Belgium game ...

    It's ok guys, we've got this!! 😎

    Genuinely, one of the worst starting 11's I've seen us put out in my time on this planet.

    Where's Christian Dailly when you need him!?

  • @johnboywalker or dare I say Colin Hendry? 😂

  • I'm hoping for big scores from...

    Ilicic v israel
    Lukaku and Mertens v scots
    Kimmich and Reus v northern ireland
    Depay and Van Dijk v estonia

  • @Metropolis Oops, just seen this.
    Late I know but there are 5 changes.
    Mertens, Lukaku, Dendoncker, Chadli and Vermaelen come in for Origi, Bathshower, Januzai, Carrasco and Denayer.
    Supposedly KDB as part of a front 3 but we'll see

  • @dean73 said in Matchday Thread 09/09/2019 (Internationals):

    @johnboywalker or dare I say Colin Hendry? 😂

    It's funny because my mates used to rave about Colin Hendry and his 'never said die' attitude and 17 last ditch, game saving tackles, per game, as if he was a footballing William Wallace.

    Turns out, it was just his shite positional sense that caused him to always be behind the play ... 🤣

  • 2 goals for super phil foden and an assist for brewdog in the u21's tonight

  • @MickTurbo Shame that the U21 fixtures aren't available for IPD and PB

  • How is De Bruyne only £4.64 it’s criminal

  • @Andy aye it would have been interesting but since none of my futures in these 2 are eligible for IPD'S and foden would probably still have fallen short of kdb I probably wouldnt have got owt, but it would have been interesting to see their scores just as data

  • @MickTurbo Yeh, no one would've knocked KDB off top spot after his performance tonight, but would've loved to see what Foden's PB score would've been. With 2 goals I'm assuming it would be the high 100s, probs in the range of 160-200 I'm guessing? Couldn't watch the match so didn't see how well he actually played

  • @DavidMUFC1987 He's actually doubled in price in the space of 1.5 months lol. Unreal rise

  • @Andy not forgetting a GWG, hes likely to have broken 200 but we may never know

  • @MickTurbo Yeah, good point. I took the plunge and bought 120 holds in him a few days ago. I still do think he is slightly overpriced considering he hasn't played at all, but I don't think I'll ever get him at this kind of price, so thought I'd hop on

  • @dean73 didn't turn out to badly for them at all!

    I'm quite excited for the Euros now. And Hazard still to return. Netherlands were awesome again as well. Ryan Babel!

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