Steven Berghuis - Feyenoord

  • Hello lads,

    First post on here but I think I have come across a gem. This guy was excellent for Feyenoord last year and created the most chances in the league.. He got loads of goals and assists too.

    PSV were desperate to sign him from Feyenoord but they held strong and asked him to stay another year. He has Europa league football and is in the dutch squad so he is a good shout for IPD's and a transfer long term.

    Go and look about how people speak about him on twitter, people who see him play love him.

  • He did well last season and has started well again this year. I've held for a while and hope that the recent increase in price continues however difficult to get too carried away given that he plays in Dutch league but that's the reason he's less than £0.40p

  • @NewUser105413 If he gets a move to psv, he is still in a non pb league.

    For ipd, he'd be a decent shout for a quick flip( as long as he doesn't have his spread widened, but you'd have to time it well as I wouldn't see them getting far in Europe.

    For me only worth value if you think he will get a move to a pb league. If not, with a bit of luck, you could potentially get a 15-20% return on him

  • @NewUser105413

    Excellent spot mate, He is one I hold long term and I think by this time next year he will have more than doubled in price.

    He was brilliant last year in Holland, he grabbed like 14 goals and 13 assists. He takes corners, free kicks and is on penalties and he had an average rating of 7.91 on whoscored and 8.09 on sofascored last season and you mentioned the most chances created (117!). He was linked to bigger clubs in the summer but like you said Feyenoord refused to sell this year.

    With Europa league starting like @Moukoko has said, he is a good shout for IPD's in the Europa and being on all dead ball situations as well, he could be a good shout for PB as well. He is the key man for Feyenoord.

    He has started this season really well as well with 5 goals and 4 assists in 8 games and is in the Holland squad as well.

    Long term I think he will continue to rise and he will probably get a move next summer. Someone with his ability and output is a steal at this price and if you hold long term you should see a nice increase with capital appreciation.

  • @ScoutScout Completely agree with everything you said there tbh.

    • Feyenoord’s main man, has at least 6 Europa League games which he’ll be involved in (hopefully more)
    • On set plays and perfectly suited to the new matrix, so can see him raking up a few big scores.

    I’ll probably hold long term as like you said, there’s potential for big upside but after seeing some of the rises during the international games, it will just take a goal or assist and people will start taking notice.

  • Played 30 mins last night for Holland so if he keeps up his form he could break into the side.

    Definitely a good cheap shout for Europa league as well. I will be holding until next season though and waiting for transfer links.

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