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  • Hi All,

    i've been active for about a month and i'm currently at an 18% rise on a small investment (£100)

    is the general idea to stick with these players (Slimani, Mkhytarian, Immobile etc) or is it to sell now they have risen and reinvest?

    Sorry of this is really basic stuff just looking to get a feel for it.


  • You say "these players" but you've got there a random selection of players. You need to be a bit more specific if you want any advice. Why did you buy the players you bought.

  • @Andy

    ok yeah that's a fair point, well i have looked at going for players with recent moves into leagues i thought would do well, and then Immobile because i thought he looked low compared to the rest of the market. I'm trying to get my head around what sort of price players tend to bottom out at if they aren't huge names, if that makes sense?

  • @Belsh55 Ok, so with players moving into different leagues I'd be wary of how long it'll take for them to settle down and feel comfortable before they start performing, no matter how good a player is (Mhkytarian in this case, although I personally never rated him to begin with). I don't think he'll rise that much through CA either due to his age. Immobile I'd say is a good shout, playing for a decent team in Italy and plays for national team as well (scored yesterday), so that's a good buy I'd say.

    Generally on here you want to target young players with potential PB/CA, or players within a chance of winning PB on a consistent basis (thats your Kimmich or KDB), but as always there's exceptions to the rule.

    Hope this helps

  • Awesome thank you for the pointers!

  • With Cengiz Under picking up an injury on top of a few other injuries at Roma then I think Mkhitaryan might still have a bit of value short term.

    He's showed up well in the internationals.

    The small dip in Under's price is also a nice opportunity imo.

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