Gianluca mancini

  • I think this guy is a great player and hold- 23 and an italian centreback with a great future head of him. Anybody, know why his price has gone down recently as he has been playing quite often- just need some help???

  • @Jdog Quite possibly cos his price got over-hyped with @Pagey74 pumping him at every opportunity :)

  • @janner73 Nonsense. The real reason is he didn't start most of the games in pre season and the 1st league game of the season. He did start their last game though and I would expect him to stay in the team. He's my largest hold and my patience will be rewarded. I have no doubt. He's an exceptional defender with the added bonus of being lethal from set pieces.

    @janner73 Do you honestly believe traders buy players on other people's recommendations and without researching them themselves? do me a favour!!!!

  • @Pagey74 I think you'd be very surprised how many flippers there are that jump on a player that's mentioned in the forum or anywhere else. Look at the squad risers list today - Berghuis, Zobnin, Jung, Bongonda all been mentioned in the last few hours in the forum - some of that will be flippers.

    The thing is if you continually pump - and there was a period when Mancini was mentioned nearly every day in every possible thread - then you inevitably attract those who just come along for the ride and quickly bail out when the player doesn't deliver.

  • @Jdog

    I don't hold.

    If you think he is a great player, have done your research, bought at a fair price and nothing has drastically changed to alter his price then take the opportunity to top up, increasing your hold, reducing the buy price and having more IPD eligible shares.

  • @janner73 I'm not really bothered by what others do, all I know is the cream will always rise to the top. 95% of my port are long term holds. Barring injury this lad will be one of the very best defenders in Italian football for years to come.

  • @Pagey74 Not saying you are - Im just pointing out that part of the reason for his drop is quite possibly that he got over-pumped and attracted some flippers who have bailed when he didn't deliver short-term.

  • @janner73 I look at it in another way regarding flippers. I think they are key to keep making FI serious money and imo that is only good for the rest of us. Dividend increases etc are only ever going to be introduced by FI making more money so let these traders flip away. It might hurt most of us short term but in the long term we will benefit significantly.

  • @Pagey74 Again I don't have a problem with flippers! I was simply answering a question posted as to why Mancini's price had dropped.

  • @janner73 That's fair.

  • I hold. Hes cheap, good and playing regularly. Wont blow the world away but will grow in price imo, as Italian defenders tend to do at his age. A transfer to another club and some favourable praise will see him right. Hold!

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