• Today is the 3rd time since I've joined that my watch list has been wiped clean. Why is this?
    Very frustrating

  • happens to me sometimes, but it turns out i just need to scroll up

  • @Simondo Best not to use it and keep your own spreadsheet/tracker. I've been told various reasons why it disappears. It seems to happen if you access it on mobile and then pc, or vice versa for example.

    It's certainly an area in need of development by FI and very frustrating when you have a long list of players on it and it suddenly vanishes.

  • @NewUser383114 haha not for me mate... Its been wiped clean, nothing there

  • Also happens when you clear your browser history and delete cookies

  • @Simondo

    Your watch list is basically cookies and differs between devices. As mentioned also gets randomly wiped at times, especially if you clear cookies or history. I have had no watch list for 3 months now. Also been told it is due to the quantity of porn you enjoy, but I couldn't confirm or deny that allegation!!

    Could be improved, don't rely on it or it will let you down.

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