Timo Werner

  • Should i sell Timo Werner - he's at £2.64 now and i'm 71p up on him....

    Anyone would buy at current price?

  • I fancy him to have a big season ahead of the Euros at Leipzig with Nagelsmann in charge. Holding mine a bit longer. Should've bought more....

  • Yh i think i will hold him too - can see him easily over £3

  • Depends if you feel he is a top player or not. If he scores goals and gets a bit move he will be worth considerably more. Everyone seems in a real hurry to sell players.

  • @NewUser35208 Agree with u mate - but when one of my holdings has risen 36% is impossible not to think about selling. Right?

    I'm still fairly new to the index, so trying to gauge at what point to start thinking about,

    And i agree with you, too many people try to flip and over trade - im trying to avoid that as much as possible.

  • @NewUser35208 yeah I think he’s had a good start the the season so he’s in a bubble at the minute. I predict a fall so I’ve not bought in. I’ve seen this in recent weeks with Sabitzer, Kane, Sterling and Auba who have all made solid starts to the season aswell. It seems to me there will be 30 day holders who will sell in week or so

  • @NewUser383114 I doubt he will fall 71p. If you took your profits do you have another player to invest in or just take the money and run? Due to the euros werner will keep rising. Maybe not as quick as he has done but can see him £3-£4 by the euros. Then he will probably transfer to bayern Munich in the summer.

  • @C-Money Yh thats what i'm banking on, at 23yrs he has alot of potential still and should at least be linked to some big clubs if he has a good season.

    Hmm - i have a few players in my watch list that i could invest in but not 100% sure who. I would defo reinvest the money tho

  • Out of curiosity why do a lot of people seem to think Werner will approach £4 by the Euro's but that Lukaku is over priced at £2.30? Personally I would sell Werner, think the imminent transfer to Bayern seems to be off now Lewandowski has signed a new deal. I imagine he will carry on going up till the Euro's but so will every other European player who will start. There's definitely quicker money to be made elsewhere

  • @ChazFI123 Lukaku’s PB is poor, Werner’s is good
    Lukaku left the premier league, Werner has potential to move to the premier league
    Werner is younger with a brighter future

  • @Uncle-G you hit the nail on the head mate.A good solid hold this year I will be buying more into him this season I think he will do really well this season and a big move in the summer.

  • @Uncle-G wouldn’t lukaku‘s PB improve now that he is in a worse league? There will be games where he scores maybe a hat trick or a brace so might win PB once or twice. There’s every chance Lukaku scores more goals this season and out scores him in qualifying and the Euro’s. Will more than likely have more MB (maybe for the wrong reasons) too. Also if the PL move was on the table surely he’d have let his contract run down and signed a pre contract in January? I’m just struggling to see how people are trying to suggest he’s going to be worth double

  • @ChazFI123 Werner’s re-signed with a crazy release clause of like £26 million or something so he’ll definitely be moving, Lukaku is no doubt a goal scorer but not a FI PB performer, don’t think he’s ever won even when scoring

  • @Uncle-G does his extremely poor record for Germany not worry you slightly? As Germany probably should win most games they play? Personally I just prefer players who have done it for more than one team/league

  • @ChazFI123 Not sure about that, 7 goals in 13 games isn’t exactly poor & Still only 23

  • @NewUser383114

    I'm up 68p on Werner, so very similar. He's becoming a long term hold for me. Young established talent, playing for an exciting team and manager in RB Leipzig and Nagelsmann. He will play in Euro 2020, and could lead the line for a few years.

    I can't see many reasons to sell, and with all of those factors above considered, there shouldn't be points throughout the year when interest would be low in him. As a Liverpool fan, I'm hoping there is the slightest chance we buy him in the next couple years, beating Bayern to his signature. Imagine his price then 🤞😂

  • @Uncle-G doesn’t he have 3 international goals in his last 16 games?

  • Banned

    @FI-Manager I just checked, im 90p up on Werner. I have no intention of selling any time soon. Quality player, scores, turns in pb scores and could hit the PL. I am shocked he is so low.

  • I have him as a long term hold and so will be keeping for the foreseeable future, topping up as and when i can as this is a player that i would like to have a much bigger holding in come the end of the season.

  • @Uncle-G said in Timo Werner:

    @ChazFI123 Not sure about that, 7 goals in 13 games isn’t exactly poor & Still only 23

    Where do you get this 7 in 13 from?
    He has 10 in 26 total but just 2 in his last 12.
    Not knocking the guy, he has the ability for sure but in a time when Germany are not blessed with proper centre forwards, he's not taking his chances. A run of 1 goal in 10 for them saw him benched for three games when they went with Gnabry and Sane up top instead (??!). Fine, he then came off the bench to score once in the 8-0 drubbing of Estonia and now finds himself on the wing playing 2nd fiddle to Gnabry again.
    Maybe it's not all his fault and Low has just lost the plot. His tactics, not just v Germany the other day but for a while now, have been at best questionable.
    I still think Werner needs to score more for his country though.

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