Timo Werner

  • He’s not even nearly as good technically as Griezmann. His stats are more impressive than he is on the eye for sure but the stats are what’s important here and they do look good for a young forward.

  • I thought it was nailed on for a Bayern transfer next summer? Almost agreed in principle this summer.
    Liverpool and United links are just papers talking?

  • @MickTurbo Always forget how young he actually is in the end, he has been around for number of years already by now.

    He is overall a very pacy player and strong in running. Brilliant dribbler and awareness for the space/pocket. He like's the quick counter attacks and/or finishing within the box. Most of his goals are within the box.
    Due to his youth, he still has a lot of potential to grow stronger, especially under a manager such as Nagelsmann. Currently he is a good finisher but especially in the National dress he isn't as clinical as he could be.
    This video is a decent collection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fy1swho3K9U just ignore the goal against Hamburg, I believe that is photoshopped...

    Griezmann on the other hand is more creative, bit more the playmaker as mentioned by @Chap

    There is definitely a transfer left in Werner, but he always said even before he extended his contract, that he will at least play one full season under Nagelsmann. So there be 100% no Wintertransfer and what happens next summer is everyone's guess... Munich has other problems than a striker with Lewandowski up front and they signed Arp this summer from Hamburg, which is pretty similar. Werner said that there was only one club in Germany, but never denied leaving Germany.

    When I joined Werner was 1,86£ and he was definitely value at that stage. Now he is 2,77£ most likely has the transfer already factored in. So don't see much more CAP anymore but there is potential for PB especially single (bronze) days.

    Saying this all, never owned Werner, don't do it now and find 2,77£ for my own port too pricy.

  • @MickTurbo
    "would appreciate some insight from people who know more about him. Maybe @Antierror, but anyone else as well. @Zola25I'll say it for u, Reus is better value, cheers"

    🤣🤣😂😂💪👍😎 made me laugh

  • Thanks everyone. Maybe I wont dive in just yet but will continue to follow him

  • Breaking news on sky. Werner will sign for Liverpool if 52m clause met

  • Come on the reds be boss addition

  • Thought it was a joke
    Great for mb that I hope !

  • @MrWh1te said in Timo Werner:

    Breaking news on sky. Werner will sign for Liverpool if 52m clause met

    We ignoring the part where it says Liverpool have no intention of activating that release clause?

  • Sounds like a non-story, its basically "player x has a release clause", its hardly breaking news.

  • @NewUser385798
    That’s not the point for me. All of the papers publish non stories most of the time.
    It’s nice Werner attempting to win mb for me 😁

  • @ChazFI123 it wasn't saying that when I posted

  • He’s generated 40 mb points so far 😂

  • Sky doing a Q&A saying a move to liverpool is very unlikely and that Liverpool aren’t interested, seems madness to me but what do I know!

  • Do you expect his Pb game to be negatively impacted from a move to Liverpool?
    Liverpool players do not have crazy Pb scores usually

  • @ChazFI123 He can play anywhere along that front three and in my books is an absolute bargain at just over 50m.

  • @Gazz127 yeah definitely, he could comfortably come in for any of their front 3, if they want to challenge on every front you need a quality squad so I’m surprised they aren’t looking at him. If he didn’t have a release clause clubs would willingly pay 80 mill+ IMO

  • Yeah he problem with Werner to Liverpool is that, he is not going to go there and warm the bench. If you were Liverpool why would you want to break up the best front 3 since MSN. Simple as that. Even if liverpool did want, to give him 1st team football, one of those front 3 has got to go or you need a formation change and why would they do that given that they just ripped the premier league a new one playing the way they do it would be madness, plus they have FIrmino/Mane/Salah values around 80M - 150M, so where are you gonna offload them to, who has got space in their squads and that sort of cash to spend not gonna be many takers nothing to do with quality just bad timing given world events. Werner to Utd or Werner to stay one more year at RB is far more logical, if he does move then I reckon utd have got circa £150 M to spend, £100 M ish for sancho then the other £50M either goes on Werner or Grealish Or Werner might be 2nd choice on the list to play of the right if sancho doesn't happen.

  • Is his rise at the moment artificial? I hold a few of him and am up quite a bit.

    I don't want to offload just yet as I think he could be a £7 - £7.50 player soon but if he doesn't get a transfer will his price drop or stay around the £6 mark.

    I'm gonna hold for a bit anyway and see what occurs

  • @Kipper72
    I’m in the same boat, might sell a few and lock on some profits as he’s done wonders for me

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