A Blatant Pump Fest - My Tips for 50% ROI

  • @FIGenesis Great blog , follow you on twitter actually too .. What you think on JP Mateta ?? Want to stack up on him while his injured.

  • @Nikitz71 hey bud. Thanks for reading and the support! I’ve done just that with Mateta. I hadn’t wanted to invest when his price was higher but since his injury I’ve been building a position. He’s really talented and I love an injury trade!

  • @FIGenesis one I picked up thanks to one of your older posts is sofiane diop. I've sold up for now to put money elsewhere as he was stagnating for ages and has now dropped a bit, but I plan on getting back on him once I've finished restructuring for the euros.

    Do u still rate/hold him?

  • @FIGenesis sorry dont know how i missed that.

  • @MickTurbo hey bud. I do still hold and rate him pretty highly. Jardim has been bad for a lot of the youngsters at Monaco except Badiashille. He only plays his cronies. That’s why Massengo left. Wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few more young players leave. Diop is one I keep in the depths of the Portfolio with no plan to sell and top up with loose change!

  • @Black-wolf 😂. No worries!

  • @Aaron_itfc love Bernede. Can’t wait to see him in the UCL. Big step up. Kounde could go big. Really talented. If given the game time. Which he hasn’t got yet😩

  • @FIGenesis

    I am sure he will get game time soon . They spent close to 25 million to get him in . Steady rises through the season I will be happy . Not really into big gains too soon

  • @Aaron_itfc same attitude as me. I’m happy if they keep on rising steadily!

  • @FIGenesis yeh I'll definitely be back on him in the next couple of months. Just busy with my plan for the euros at the minute though 👍

    I was shocked and disappointed not to see him at the u 19 euros this summer though

  • Hard to see Sofiane Diop in first team picture. So many arrivals coming into Monaco in transfer windows. Hardly a vote of confidence for him. He was rumoured to have had a loan option at Angers which would have been perfect with Reine Adelaide's departure. It wasn't to be so now looks set for months of reserve football. Bring on January for him I'd have thought.

  • @MickTurbo have you jumped on any French players for the Euros?

  • @Dalien-Smith yeah, I was annoyed to see that loan move fall through. I wonder if he was kept at the last minute as first team cover. Hopefully he gets a move, as you say, in the January window. Although the French Joker window is still open too.

  • He's the right age to turn it all round. Somebody somewhere isn't making smart career choices for him.

    Sold up on Reine Adelaide when he moved to Lyon. I'd like to get back on at some stage. I think he's way better than £1.24. Not an encouraging full debut mind. Like to see him deployed further forward. Difficult gig though Lyon. Some real talent though. Hopefully his time will come.

  • @FIGenesis I've got plenty of cash in pog. Ideally I'd like to hold a def/mid/fwd and a potential break out star from every major nation come the summer.

    I'm currently putting cash towards that but I havent really got round to france yet because there are players I'm undecided on, and there are players who strike me as good value but may not make the squad cos they've got such depth.

    Penny for your thoughts on kimpembe

  • @MickTurbo quality. Would love to know who you go for when you buy into France. On Kimpembe, I was really high on him pre my Football Index days. He was an amazing young talent. However he’s not developed as expected. Concentration issues on and off the pitch. Having said that Thiago Silva is all but finished at PSG so he’ll have only Marquinhos and Diallo to compete with. When he plays he’ll do a decent job at PB but there are better value and higher potential young French defenders out there.

  • @FIGenesis I'll let you know when I do but it may be a few days yet cos I've got plenty in the queue and it's going sloooooowly.

    Been at the top of the queue for 1 player since before bed last night and since then I've shed 38 of him. Others still yet to budge.

    Cheers for the thoughts on kimpembe. Like u said, silva wont be around for ever and I'm trying to pick players with other upsides as well as the euros. For example I've just recently got on bruno fernandes for the first time because barring injury hes a cert, and hes also a cert for transfer spec and hopefully a PB move.

    As such the thinking with kimpembe was that he'll hopefully be getting plenty of game time next year in a dominant side but with limited game time at present as well as the issues you have stated, his chances of making the france squad are probably slim to none.

    Back to the drawing board. I'll probably re-read your blog this afternoon and use that as a starting point at least 👍

  • @Dalien-Smith Agree with that. Diop should definitely move. JRA, once settled, will fill the role that Fekir wasn’t quite right for as part of a CM three. I think he’s got a little more value in him up to maybe £1.50 or so.

  • @MickTurbo I always find it weird when guys I’ve got up for sale dribble back to market in odd numbers! Maybe just my OCD. Kimpembe, if he gets his head screwed on, could be one of the best defenders around. He’s got all the physical and technical talent. I love Fernandes. The summer was a weird one for that storyline.

  • With regard to French Euro team. I'd be looking at dark horses for the team. Looking at the team in qualifiers it's hard to see an uncapped player breaking in but they weren't brilliant in the forward areas. Still relying on Giroud. Ikone I'm not sure about but Coman and Ousmane Dembele subject to injury could come in. Mbappe and Martial to add to that. They just don't have a younger version of Giroud to lead the line at the minute. Some say Moussa Dembele the Lyon lad but I'm not sure. Predicting the starting forward for France is potentially lucrative. Whoever it is I'd suspect would be in the goals and headlines.

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