Bernado Silva

  • Short of game time recently, but was one of the standout performers for City last year. With the champions league getting started soon, should see the squad rotated. What's everyone's thoughts?

  • PB scores aren't high enough, doesn't score enough goals, doesn't assist enough. In my opinion, your money could be better spent elsewhere on here.
    In real life though, amazing player.

  • @Mog9 said in Bernado Silva:

    Short of game time recently, but was one of the standout performers for City last year.

    Standout performer on the field, not on FI.

    Last season KDB was injured a lot, Bernardo got the most minutes and won 0p PB. His last (and only) PB win was 1st of March 2018. Not great for MB either, with City or Portugal, from memory 1 MB win when Ronaldo was pissed that he got player of the tournament. Double checked 3 MB wins total. Also squad rotation, especially being subbed off after 65 minutes when winning 3-0 is always a risk.

    I used to hold and sold after a decent return, so maybe I am now biased against him and future success but his dividend returns do not justify his price in my opinion.

  • In simple Bernardo is the pass before the pass before the goal. Super skilful as well dances with the ball. A joy to watch but not for fantasy or FI + city players don’t get 90 mins for pb usually.

    I’d love to see him at a less stacked club like like another top 6 bar Liverpool

  • Well contrary to those above, I'm all over him and really rate him. Hes got some good times ahead of him for sure. He blitzed the Portugal game the other day.

    He might be an average sized fish in the man city pond, but hes in every cup, plays regularly, is clearly talented, is still young and has the euros in the summer. I topped up last week and will do again in a few months I think.

  • @jay said in Bernado Silva:

    . A joy to watch but not for fantasy or FI + city players don’t get 90 mins for pb usually.

    Well at least 8 of them do! :)

  • About to become one of the best in the world

  • Hes a future mega star imo. His scores are on the up think he poted 215 for portugal the other day. Unfortunately he’s competing with KDB within the Man City team for PB. I think the best is yet to come for him and the new matrix changes are perfect for him regarding the addition of dribbles and key passes

  • Whats not to like, playing at the PL champions, strong chance in the Champions league with City (bookies favourite) current champions of Europe and Europa league with Portugal where he has just won player of the tournament.

    Yes, his PB scores could be higher but I think that will happen, still cheap IMO (yes I hold)

  • The thing is you dont get dividends for being a european or premier league champion. The thing about that is that yes he is both of them things and yet the media still arent bothered which makes it a negative. It makes you think what does he actually have to do for the press to be interested?

    If he does go on to be one of the top 5 players in the world then maybe the press might start to take notice, but excellent tho he is, I dont think hes ever gonna be that good.

    Another thing to bare in mind. At present when the press do write about him they will be forced to use his full name in order to differentiate from his team mate David Silva. Next year that will not be the case as it appears David will be off back to spain.

    As for PB, the points have already been made that hes got KDB and rotation to compete with.

    Even if you're not bothered about dividends, the best way to get cap app is to put your money where it will be followed by those who are bothered about dividends. Hes always likely to be an FI nearly man for me

  • Over-priced by at least a pound in my opinion. Doesn't win MB or PB so really only worth 30 days IPDs - classic case of real-life great player, FI over-priced. The market won't hold up the prices on players like this forever as can be seen by the slow decline in price from his pre-season peak as he simply doesn't return anything.

  • Personally see him as great value only 24 and plays in one of the best teams in europe. Hopefully gets a run of games soon.

  • @janner73 neither does greenwood, foden, CHO, Mbappe and they're all way more expensive. Thing with Bernardo is that once he starts most games and starts playing like he did at the back end of last season then his PB will rise. I agree he hasn't returned much so far based on the charts but I can't see him dropping too much more.

  • @stumac85 I didn't say any of those 4 were value either BUT with those most of those 4 we don't yet know the limit of their potential and people are speculating. Silva had the season of his life last season and won virtually nothing in dividends - and that was with KDB out for most of the season. Now that KDB is back his chances of winning PB are even further reduced. He probably wont drop that much more to be fair but he also isn't going to start rising unless he proves he can win dividends in my opinion - the market is harsher than ever to players playing who aren't returning dividends (unless they fall in the youth category)

  • @janner73 You are correct but it's a risky game as not as many youngsters make it as people seem to believe around here. For every Rashford there's loads of Freddy Adu's (imagine how much he'd have been on here back in the day). I'm kinda going off topic now but my point is we haven't seen the best of Bernardo yet and with changes to dribbling and chances created weighting I think he'll win some extra PB compared to last season.

    However, the bald fraud loves a bit of rotation and he could get pissy about that like Sané. His price is about right as it stands, certainly don't think he should be dropping by a pound.

  • @stumac85 If you believe he'll return dividends then fair enough. He's not one for me at the price when there are countless proven dividend winners that are cheaper that will continue to rise in price. I just personally cant see him anywhere near competing with KDBs scores for PB.
    As for the drop by a pound he won't - that's just my opinion of what I personally feel he's actually worth at the moment.

  • Absolutely bossed it tonight. Ronaldo gets the headlines and limelight obvs, but two assists and a mega performance on PB (Currently second to Sancho!).

    Anyone not holding Bernardo really needs to ask themselves whyo.

  • @Leighton because he will always be in Ronaldo's shadow for Portugal and in KDB/sterlings/agueros shadow for man city. That's why I dont hold personally. Quality player mind...

  • @Leighton yep another good score and numbers are on the up mostly because he dribbles a lot. Seems a decent match to the matrix and hopefully he'll pick up a few more pb wins this season. Won't rise until he wins one or starts and scores.

  • Can't disagree with all the negative comments on here, but its exactly what investors were saying about KDB when I joined on here in March and he was priced just over £2.00 and look where he is now.

    I'm glad I ignored those opinions and I will ignore the negative comments here as I am already significantly up.

    One thing is certain with Bernado, he is one of the best players in his position in the world, playing for one of the best club teams and playing for a strong national team so I will continue to hold until the Euros at least and probably longer

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