Champions league, Europa league, League cup 2 games per week more players involved!

  • Manchester united will play 7 games in 22 days and many other teams too :)
    Time to build portfolio with some unused cheaper players or young talents who will get chance in couple of games.

    Who are your targets?
    Thinking about Henrikh Mkhitaryan, he had decent game yesterday, Roma fixture looks ok 4 home and 3 away games. he didn't play single match for Roma yet, but I think he will do great

  • Liverpool play six times between September 14 and October 2 and Klopp stated that he will be using all of his players.
    "This time they are going all around the world but then after that, we need them all.
    "That is why the mood in the dressing room is pretty good. When I say I need them, I need them. That means it involves all of the players."

    I'm sure this will be similar for most sides. I have a couple of players in mind but need to find a few more tbh

  • Based on both the above comments I'll be interested to see if the market goes mad for Brewster and Greenwood as soon as they get a sniff. A month ago it definitely would have

  • @MickTurbo
    i go for Gardner, cheaper option and he is amazing for under 23. 3 games 4 goals. no bad for midfielder and this position is what we need the most at united. Pogba McTominay and then nobody. Angel gomez could be another riser.
    Brewster and Greenwood rise too when they get chance to prove them self, but they too expensive for me

  • I think its going to be a good period over the next month or so for most of the top players involved in European football.

    Should see strong growth at the top end of the index due to the start of the Champions/Europa League and also plenty of league games and the start of the Carabao cup, giving the youngsters an opportunity.

    Fingers crossed for some strong growth at the top of the market (long overdue) as the season starts to develop, and it appears that the quick flip trend is declining.

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