Szoboszlai-Wow! (Another top drawer goal tonight)

  • What a goal tonight. This kid is only 18. Nice to see a teenage wonderkid actually doing a
    little something to earn his price. That's right Mr Greenwood I'm talking about you:) Shame he's Hungarian.

  • @Dalien-Smith
    Mr Greenwood will prove himself as soon he get chance. i mean full 90 minutes. Europa League or league cup against Rochdale would ideal match

  • BTW: so many young talented players are in RB Salzburg. it seems to be like they have good structure (project) best scouts. also RB Leipzig going similar direction

  • I get the impression they don't trust him yet. He really needs to shine in the Rochdale game now. Surely holders can't be happy with his current offerings.

    Szoboszlai on the other hand. Goal tonight for his national team. Champions League action just around the corner. Here's a kid producing on the biggest stages. It's no wonder Bayern and Juventus are sniffing.

  • @JT-United-Scout RB Salzburg phenomenal amount of top players being produced. Naby Keira and Sadio Mane plucked from French 2nd division. Szoboszlai himself was plucked from Hungary. Not known as a hotbed of talent.

  • He’s a unbelievable talent! As you say only 18 and playing first team for Salzburg and Hungary it’s only a matter of time until he’s moved to a bigger club, possibly even moved to RB Leipzig for exposure! If you play long hold he’s a must own

  • Excellent big game temperament last night. His team a goal down. The whole of Hungary watching and he plants it in the top corner from the free kick.

    Interesting Champions League group for Salzburg. You'd expect it to be a straight forward Liverpool Napoli one two but Szoboszlai played a part in Salzburg's win in the Europa League last season. Salzburg arguebly not as strong but the szoboszlai could grab a few headlines especially if he can put on a show against Liverpool.

  • First half hat trick tonight nice. My biggest hold. Happy days. Milan hot favourite for his signature. Tonight's performance might see a little more premier League interest hopefully.

  • @Dalian-Smith is everyone alright finding 9-12 month old threads, its confusing me 🤣. Had a lovely little rise off it. Milan wouldnt be worse team, be better if they got into Europe for yourself. They have a generous run of games towards the end. Premier league would obviously be great for holders

  • @Shippers Rumours of Arsenal and Leicester but I fear the Milan move maybe done. Hope not as tonight was some performance. No tap ins. 3 really quality goals. Hopefully if it's not too late the premier League sat up and took notice.

  • Been massively impressed by him whenever I’ve seen him play, but I’d have little interest in him if he signs for Milan, seems to be a terrible place for people to go recently

  • @Dalian-Smith no deal is ever fully done until signed mate. Plenty of times clubs nab someone late, you never know.

  • @Shippers I do think with some deals they are agreed months before they are announced in the window. Apparently he was a hairs breadth from signing for Milan in January. If Salzburg have some wiggle he's definitely increased his market value tonight significantly. Looks a good short term hold anyway going forward. A teenager playing well and extremely likely to be moving to a PB league.

  • @Dalian-Smith tbh holding long term wouldnt do any harm unless you want to release profit. Looks a hell of a prospect

  • @Shippers I always planned to hold long term. He's my favourite player on the index right now which is why he's my biggest hold. He's a dead ball specialist now as a teenager as he gets older and he's able to impose himself more on games I think he'll be some pb threat. Where he transfers to is important for me though. If it's bad fit I'd have to reconsider my options

  • @Dalian-Smith if Milan sign all the players the Italian media links them to, and have a new manager, would that be such a bad move?

  • @Dalian-Smith a transfer to a PB league at his age mate wouldn't be a bad move. I think you'd be okay holding, everyone jumps straight on a youth player the moment they do anything significant. Sounds like you've followed him closely, topped with the fact hes your fav hold, making you money as well - huge win.

  • @Notanyoldnewuser I'm not saying Milan would be the worst move. Cash is king in the window and they may assemble some team but I've got to have a feeling Szobozalai is prominent part of that team. The Leicester rumours excite me more to be honest. Szobozalai being brought into replace Maddison. I think at Leicester he'd likely have champions League football and Leicester give youth a chance

  • @Shippers I've followed Szobozalai since he was making his first tentative steps at FC Liefering Salzburg's feeder team. He's got all the credentials to be a worldie. Great to see him start realising his potential.

  • @Dalian-Smith yeah in terms of places where you'd think he'd get good playing time, Leicester's perfect, but not every young player can go there.

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