30 Day holds - Spurs

  • Hi All, I’ve just looked ahead to Spurs next 30 day fixtures and think it’s worth everyone taking a pass as their fixtures represent some decent opportunities for IPDs for player like Kane (goals obviously), Lloris and defenders for clean sheet - especially those with another international fixture to play - in the next 30 days;

    Palace at home
    Olympiakos away
    Leicester away
    Colchester away (league cup)
    Southampton home
    Bayern home
    Brighton away

    Whilst Bayern is a tricky tie, that’s an easy run of games for a side like Spurs, the sort of run you can see them taking max points in every one. I think away games Potch will manage differently so they might be less hung ho than at home but passing and possession will be far more to stifle home support lending itself to higher PB base scores for midfield players too. All fixtures in PL are Saturday that I noticed too, so treble match days - it makes it harder to win but over the course of a month there’s a good chance of 1 win, there’s s good chance of more than 1. Despite his high price I’m going for Kane in this and will look over the midfield prices, Lamela flaters to deceive and Lucas hasn’t started this season anywhere close to the levels of last season, maybe both will enjoy a turn in their fortunes

  • Now that Erickson is set to stay until at least January he will probably feature from the beginning of matches now and everything goes through him so I expect to see some > 200 scores from him in these matches especially at home against palace and Southampton.
    His price Rose by around 25p last week in anticipation of him racking up a high score against Gibraltar away and has since dropped back by 11p after he won the PB. It’s worth noting that sandwiched in the middle of these matches is another round of internationals where Denmark are at home.,then guess who Denmark have at home in November
    Yup Gibraltar.
    All the above probably points to him being a 60 day hold tbf

  • @Bradley117 Kane is too expensive to buy for IPDs as are most EPL players of his stature. He would unlikely be a good 30 day only hold. That said, although no good for that purpose there are other good reasons to hold so IPDs could be seen as a bonus if buying for longer.

    At least with Lloris any clean sheets could possibly beat the 2% commission if he does well. Kane has no chance of doing this.

    Also, I don't believe the League cup fixture is relevant as no dividends are paid.

  • Eriksen, for me, is just a great hold for the next few months. He'll be back in the Spurs side now and will be the best Spurs midfielder for PB just because all the creativity goes through him. With CL and Denmark he will be getting plenty of games, and he'll inevitably be one of the players that gets quite heavy transfer rumours in January. He has everything I currently look for in a hold.

  • @Alpilgrim I’m aware that league cup isn’t a fixture worth playing, useful to know as there’s an opportunity to rest him, it’s not like they’re playing Arsenal in that fixture where they probably would make a different decision. In those fixtures I can see him chipping in with no less than 5, so while I see what you mean about him being too expensive he’s recently seen a fall in price and scoring consistently means we can be confident his price will only go up 👍🏻

  • @Bradley117 If you buy at £4.97 and believe he will score 5 goals then you need him to be able to sell at £5.03 to break even (£5.03 less 2% commission gives you £4.93 plus your £0.05 for his 5 goals).
    His all time high is £5.02 so he hasn't really dropped that much and to me, to treat Kane as an IPD player for a 30 day hold is insane as the margins are just too tight. Kane IS a good solid hold as a long term hold but for a 30 day IPD hold there is far better value around.

  • I hold as I think it’s a great price but Alli just coming back to full fitness is the stand out buy for Spurs.

    Had a full pre season after a genuine summer off. Got a small injury but came off the bench vs Arsenal and now has had two weeks of fitness work at the club. His goalscoring and stats are literally the best for an English midfielder in the PL era for his age.

    Consider Maddison (23) at 4.02, Mount (20) 3.86, Foden (21) 3.68, D James (21) 3.00

    I’m guessing but with more goals/assists than the rest combined, or near enough, Dele Alli at 23 is priced at 1.91.. almost entirely due to an injury hit season last year. Btw he still averages the same goals/assists per game as Maddison last season.

    With CL games and the Euros ahead. I think it’s a genuine no brainier for CA.

  • Sessegnon on the up slowly today but do people really think he’ll even get near the bench for the next few prem and CL games? Personally think he should upgrade parrott to the bench (as lo celso replacement) as an attacking option before him. And no way poch is dropping Davies for a place for Sessegnon as back up LB.
    Also worth bearing in mind that Ndombele, KWP, Dier (to take Sanchez’s place on bench) all back fit and expecting places in that first team 18 today...!
    Maybe first Sessegnon involvement vs Colchester...

  • @HPcoys I'm hoping Aurier gets a start, he needs to get back to playing, I think he is great value at 37p if he plays..

  • @Ole-ole yeah for me he’s the best right back we have in the situation we’ve got ourselves in. But poch has a tendency to not pick people who upset him until he’s naughty stepped them for at least a few weeks, and this week Aurier came out with some quotes about how there’s no competition at RB at spurs and how he wanted to leave this summer. Maybe poch won’t care but guess we will find out.

  • @HPcoys .. ah just read that Aurier interview, I agree with what he said, but I think you are right with regards to Poch, im not hopeful he will be chosen after his comments.. I will be patient with him, I still think he will get a shot at some point, or a move in January if not..

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