The rise & fall of Paul Pogba

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    @Ericali I know that. Ferguson had the option of either/or and he chose Cantona. Cantona was great. Zidane IS a legend.


    Cantona kind of recommended Zidane, Cantona was at the club in '92, we didn't look at Zidane until about '95.

    Cantona was the biggest icon at the club since George Best.

    If you followed the club as long as you said, you would know this. 👍

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    @Ericali said in The rise & fall of Paul Pogba:

    @MickTurbo if you look over the Pogba threads over the past 3 months you will be hard pressed to find 10 posts from me about Pogba.

    I've predominantly stayed out of the debate so can't be accused of creating mass panic.

    You say that, but I see otherwise. Shame really.

    Must be seeing double then.... Lay off the spirits. 😎

  • @Ericali is correct tho... Pogba has earned a tonne of divs but unfortunately this has been offset by equal, or currently slightly more... Loss in price. Not enough to justify these people losing 50p in spread.

    In terms of yield... Hes being a bit Dan in his timescales when referring to Lukaku. This is very shortsighted. Over a significant time frame pogba is excellent yield... And this current price is a joke. Another reason not to worry as a few div wins will boost him back up.

    Where I disagree with Eric is his perfect hindsight vision... He said a while back he sold because he was 100% sure pogba was leaving... But would rocket if he stayed and even he might buy back in. He seems to have forgotten this... There have been new variables long after his decision to sell that have affected Pogbas price. These are short term problems.... Ipos, the injury, general market downturn etc.

    Pogba has generated a partisan atmosphere between holders and dumpers so every thread that opens will have staunch defenders.... Myself, @MickTurbo , @NallyCat, @Sol et Al. And it's detractors... @Ericali and @Tom77 (aka eyore).

    I think that's why these threads have become so boring to level headed centrists like @janner73

    My bet is Eric will buy back into Pogba long before I sell ☺

  • @Ericali I didnt go as far as to say you were spreading mass panic. But without trawling through threads I would have to disagree that you havent made 10 posts.

    Just seems like you're head working people and seems strange for a none holder. For example, I dont hold neymar, I have definitely mentioned him once or twice but very few and far between. I believe you do hold neymar and I suspect your agenda is based on the reasoning that money coming out of pog will go into neymar.

    I'm not spoiling for a fight or owt like that but it does seem that way to me

  • Everyone is entitled to an opinion wheather u hold that player or not. 1 month ago I had a choice between Pogba and neymar so went with who I think is the better player and also from peoples opinions on here who claim neymar is a bit of a pb beast. Seems like I made the right choice at this moment in time and as I’m only new on here I get the impression because of Utd being shit last year and also a very public fallout between Jose and Pogba that allowed Pogba to clean up on Mb so taking that into consideration this year he’s not gonna return the same amount of divs. BUT in football things can change with a blink of an eye so for u Pogba holders let’s hope Utd are shit again this year and Pogba has a very public fallout with anyone but if that don’t happen I’d expect his price to drop more. This is probably the 3rd time I’ve commented on a Pogba thread and each time I’ve said I expect him to drop a little more and he has! unfortunately I still think the same but do wish for u holders he 🚀🚀🚀 good luck

  • @MickTurbo can honestly say I don't hold Neymar. Worries with his injuries & the fact Brazilians are usually on the scrapheap by 30.

    The dearest player I own is sub £3. I've mentioned it on threads before.

    The value is lower down the market & that's where I'm choosing to operate with my cash. 💰

    I'm simply pointing out why no new cash is coming in for Pogba.

  • Yesterday's price, today's price, tomorrow's price...None of this effects his dividend yield. I want a sizeable hold in Pogba, currently on 892 and topping up to 1000. He was always a MB hold, with possible PB wins, now it is starting to look like CA is an appeal too which is an unexpected bonus.

    So many comments on numerous threads about using the one year graph to predict future prices, we can all see how high he was in the past and how high he can possibly be again in the future.

    Also numerous threads and comments about being ahead of the curve, trend, whatever. Pogba is clearly not flavour of the month at the moment, that just adds to his appeal for me. Things cycle on here and Pogba and the proven dividend earners will have their day again soon...

  • @Vespasian32 that's a lot to respond to & it's getting late, but...

    "Where I disagree with Eric is his perfect hindsight vision... He said a while back he sold because he was 100% sure pogba was leaving... But would rocket if he stayed and even he might buy back in. He seems to have forgotten this... There have been new variables long after his decision to sell that have affected Pogbas price. These are short term problems.... Ipos, the injury, general market downturn etc."

    I was sure Pogba was leaving, I also said he would rocket after the transfer window closed - I was wrong on both counts. 😐

    But I disagree, they are not short term problems - the fact he wants to move is holding his price back. He's not getting any new money invested in any great quantity.

    And this will remain to be the elephant in the room until he either goes in the next one or two transfer windows, or his signs a new contract.

  • Think this is all getting a bit blown over the amount of back and forwards paragraphs becoming slightly more aggressive each time from my view. This is a forum! It was made for one reason. That is for us to discuss our common interest of FI a brilliant scheme that has brought us all together. We won’t all agree otherwise there wouldn’t be anything to speak about however we understand viewpoints from certain people (don’t want to really single out but everyone knows the sides)and only time will tell , there is no point being malicious and backdating 35years. Good luck to the people who ride the pogba boat and good luck to people who have other methods in the index. It has all been a bit blown over imo and has become quite a repetitive theme with all the same users involved, ( I don’t know how many ghosts actually take this in) .Just my opinion after reading all the back and forth

    It’s got to the point where everyone has to agree and not try to rub salt into each other wounds because this is a great environment and we all need to appreciate that we have all / mostly made profit from our experience and will likely make more money which ever way forwards if FI continues it’s trajectory.

  • @Ericali fair enough if I'm wrong about neymar.

    Thing is, yes hes dropped even further tonight, but it seems pretty obvious to me that anyone wanting to buy into ronaldo has took the opportunity to do so with a guaranteed immediate 4p boost for ipds and probably media tomorrow so nows a great time. Similar comments apply to sancho. Therefore I'm not the slightest bit suprised that pog is down another 4p or whatever it is. Its rational.

    The drop as a whole is kind of rational. Hes injured and hes been quiet on the MB front. Most players rise and fall from time to time. Because its pog it seems a big deal and people get twitchy.

    Rashica gof injured and instantly dropped significantly. Hannes wolf same again. CHO, the biggest drop I've seen, and experienced traders basically shrugged their shoulders and bought the dip and there was barely a word said about anything being terminal.

    I just think people arent thinking straight with pog at the minute and it seems there's a few comments that are aimed at stirring the pot that's all

  • I've only got a small golding in Pogba (43 Futures) but have to agree that his price is massively inflated on the anticipation of Media Dividends.

    He has had a minor injury so has not been in the media in the last couple of weeks but is due to return at the weekend.

    If rumours are correct United have met with agent (Raiola) and have named his price to Madrid for January, £178 million.

    Not sure how accurate this might be and what impact it will have on his price but.....

    If he plays at the weekend and is MOM or completely Shite it really does not matter because if he has had a new stupid new hair cut or farts when giving an interview then MB here we come.

    I usually only buy players with talent (Pogba is when he can be arsed) and not sure how long I will hold but 1 thing is certain if you are chasing MB then you need Pogba in your port. (I dont really chase MB so will likely sell once he hits MB 3-4 days on the trot)

  • @janner73
    Pogba holders want him to rise that's reason they talk about him so often lol
    he is Media guy, they talk about him on daily basic, so dividends are certain. I avoided him, his cost to much I prefer cheaper options and more shares. Hope he will get some dividends for you thanks to him performance not just Media :)

  • @JT-United-Scout Of course - I want him to rise too. But talking him about so much bores non-holders and, if anything, has the opposite effect. the forum is very clearly split on both sides of the Pogba argument. He won't rise until he starts winning dividends again and that's why I say i'll let the dividend yield do the talking. As soon as he hits a run of MB he'll rise but until then he'll continue to decline gradually and all the threads in the world won't change that.

  • @janner73
    yes your right, it is boring to read him every day about him and basically always the same article with a bit different in subtitle lol.
    so happy transfer window closed and all this bullshit talks came to the end. I knew he would stay. well I read today again about him Madrid price tag and other staff.
    I do whatever I like to do and advice you to do same ;) :) just keep calm and skip every news about him lol

  • Have to agree with @janner73 again, (who's a holder) these Pogba threads keep getting made by people 'pumping' Pogba rather than people being negative about him like myself or @Dan-The-Man

    Usually posing the question, "will Pogba rise immediately" or "is Pogba set to rise - top up!" & when met with a difference of opinion are met with disdain & get accused of trying to influence the market.

    If we was trying to influence the market we would be the ones starting threads on him - we're not.

    Believe it or not, I'm actually neutral on Pogba as a football index hold. I don't like him as a player - he wants to leave so as far as I'm concerned, I'd cut him loose.

    But I've held him in the past & like many holders I'd buy him again if he signed a new contract or they significantly increased MB dividends.

    But until then he's a very dodgy hold at a premium price.

    He isn't worth the risk is my conclusion.

  • @Ericali I’m seeing things differently now. Please keep up the negative posts relating to Pogba. His price will soon be £5. I will happily put £10k into him at that price. Wouldn’t it be funny if he ends up staying at Utd and becomes the prodigal son..

  • @Sol said in The rise & fall of Paul Pogba:

    @Ericali I’m seeing things differently now. Please keep up the negative posts relating to Pogba. His price will soon be £5. I will happily put £10k into him at that price. Wouldn’t it be funny if he ends up staying at Utd and becomes the prodigal son..

    It wouldn't be funny - somewhat surprising, considering both himself & his agent have said they want a new challenge.

    But I suppose he could change his mind if we pay him enough salary? 🤔

    They are not negative as such, you just perceive them to be negative as you hold the asset.

    I don't hold the asset, so I like to think I give an unbiased opinion.

    Would I buy him again if he signed a new contract? Yes 👍

    Do I think he is a good buy at present with him angling for a move away from the club? No. 😐

    My money can be put to much better use elsewhere. 👌

  • @Ericali I have agreed with you many times in the past, but on this one I feel you are wrong. Pogba Will always be a good investment and will be back to £8. He will not leave in January. He is a safe hold, especially at the current share price. Time will tell who is indeed right on this..

  • @Sol fair enough.

    But to be deemed as a "safe" hold is a very extreme opinion.

    Most acknowledge a further drop if he were to be sold abroad.

    I'd some it up best as a "gamble" rather than "safe" one you may win, but also one you may lose. 🙄

  • @Ericali

    The recent drop has nothing to do with Eric or Dan, and they merely represent the other side of the coin.

    Instead of complaining about their opinions, holders should be analysing why others are shying away from Pogba.

    Pogba is a risk at present, but to many, myself included, based on his previous domination of MB, I see his current price as very tempting. If dividends were to increase in the future, Pogba would be amongst the main beneficiaries.

    For that reason, I've recently re-enlisted as a Pogba holder.

    I would be interested to hear if anybody on the forum has instant sold Pogba in the last few days.

    I suspect the majority of sales are still pending in the queue, and it won't take much for users to remove them, and his price will rise accordingly.

    In the meantime, rightly or wrongly, for every penny he drops, I sell profit from elsewhere and invest further in Pogba.

    Cowboy 🤠 or clairvoyant 🧙‍♂️... time will tell!?

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